Just Plain Cool

It was cool in the mountains for the better part of the morning.  I even noticed a hint of fog across the lake. The heavy wet air really helped Sumner belt out some great revelry with his trumpet for wake-up! The day picked up speed as the boys cleaned up their cabins and made their way up to breakfast.  Waiting inside was the first offering of our scratch-made cinnamon toast!  Of course, there was scrambled eggs, sausage, fresh fruit, and even hot oatmeal with some great toppings like blueberries, brown sugar, honey, and apples. I try to avoid a lot of sugar and carbs, but I must say a warm cup of coffee and that cinnamon toast was quite delightful!

We continued our warm-up with some bouncing around in assembly and then off to activities for the morning.  I really enjoy watching the boys working through their progressions.  The boys are picking up speed and some have even headed out on their first river trips.  We have a hike and a rock climbing group heading out tomorrow along with another river trip.  I even saw some fish reeled in this morning!

I happened to be around the dining hall just after mail went out.  What a wonderful to see these guys reading letters.  Many of the boys are doing their part as well.  I have noticed a packed mailbox each morning. Keep writing, it’s really a big deal!  

Mail took us right into one of the favorite lunches of the session.  Taco Tuesday was a huge hit unless your cabin had dining hall clean-up.  We had chips, tortillas, ground meat, seasoned black beans, cheddar cheese and/or gooey cheese, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, fresh pico, salsa, and sour cream.  I didn’t even mention the fresh cut fruit salad ( I put that in my taco), and a fully stacked salad bar.  What a meal for the boys.  Speaking of boys eating. On more than one occasion I have had a parent mention how thrilled they are that we are feeding their teenager for a few weeks.  I even had one father mention that he didn’t understand how we can stay in business feeding teenagers :).  These boys do eat a bit.

The afternoon rolled into more activities and a busy choice period. Several more cabins were heading out for their cabin overnights.

Our age groups have come up with some interesting names for the session.  It is always fun to see what they come up with for a name.  It is typically followed by a chant of some sort.  I hope you enjoy them.  Age Group Names:

  • Age Group 1: Floss -It’s for your gums, not a dance… (Foxhollow, Flattop, and Holiday IV)
  • Age Group 2: Knarley Barleys (Hillside and Holiday I)
  • Age Group 3: Surgeons: (Connestee and Lakeside)
  • Age Group 4: Four Groovy Buns: (Outpost and Windswept)
  • Age Group 5: EEEEEs: (Chalet and Sprucepine)
  • Age Group 6: THX (with that cool surround sound tone as the after effect) (Pinnacle, Halfway, and Lookout)

There certainly was a lot of cool activities and cool campers about today. Tomorrow looks to be another exciting day.  Stay tuned!

Don Gentle

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