Mondays are Peachy!

Our Monday started early and busy for many boys today.  Our two-day paddling trip headed out to the Chattooga River today.  Tomorrow they will hit Section 9 of the French Broad River. Both of these runs have solid Class III rapids.  The boys are paddling in kayak and canoe on this trip.  I will have some pictures later in the week. Our climbers also headed out for two days on the rock!  They were packed, fed, and out the door by 8:30.  We also had a younger group of guys head out into our own High Rocks wilderness.  Several boys from hiking took off on a two-day adventure around the perimeter of the camp.  The beauty of the perimeter hike is that the guys can stay in one of our five shelters on the property, which means more room for snacks in your pack!  The trip leader radioed in when the arrived at the shelter.  We surprised them with some extra goodies that were dropped off by Woody.  The boys were psyched!

The kitchen put out the first peaches of the year for snack today!  I am a HUGE fan of fresh peaches.  Like most of our produce, we get our peaches from the local provider right at the bottom of the camp road.  Be sure to stop by The Whistle Stop for some great South Carolina Peaches!  The boys enjoyed some great peaches all afternoon! It was a great way to beat the heat.

Tonight, age group 2 (The Knarly Barleys) headed out for chill night.  The rest of the guys that were still in camp had an enjoyable “chill” night as well.  A welcomed rain came through to cool us off a bit right after dinner.  It set up a perfect opportunity for the guys to play some table games or go down to the game room.  It was definitely a welcomed evening.

Darby (our extraordinary office manager and director of marketing and communication) made me promise to remind you of a couple closing session items.  First, if you plan on having your son’s trunk shipped home, please contact the UPS store in Brevard for details and payment.  You also need to let us know that you would like your trunk shipped.  We will deliver your trunk and/or duffel to the UPS Store in Brevard on closing day for shipment.

The UPS Store | Brevard
102 College Station Dr. Ste 3, Brevard, NC 28712
Phone: (828) 883-4701
Fax: (828) 883-4801
Email: store3439@theupsstore. com

Again, please contact Darby in the office at if you decide to ship a trunk and/or duffel and we will deliver the item(s) to the UPS store after Closing Day. Second, if you would still like to download high-resolution pictures or purchase a USB drive of pictures, be sure to let Darby know.  

So, yesterday I dropped my girls off at Camp Illahee.  I had such a busy day yesterday and today, it just hit me that they are gone for a month!  As much as I miss them, they will have the time of their lives in what is known as the Heavenly World.  It’s good for me as I get to be on the other side of the coin.  I get the exact feelings you do when you send your son to High Rocks.  I’m excited, but I miss them.  I look for pictures each day in hopes of a glimpse into their camp world.  My girls are good about letters, but I have to work hard at it. Like most of you probably, I don’t write a lot of letters.  I find the keyboard much easier and faster, not to mention easier to read. For the next four weeks, I need to write often and look for my daughters in a sea of nightly images. I can’t wait to hear the stories.  I miss them already.

Tonight’s feature picture above is the group that received their five-year backpacks last night. They were wearing them proudly this morning!. Also, if you have not been on our Facebook or Instagram Page, then you are missing out on some fun posts and videos.  Check it out and be sure to follow us!

Only three full days of camp left!  Have a great night,


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