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I enjoyed hearing the first wake-up bell of the session ring this morning.  In recent years it has been immediately followed by an energetic “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS.”  It’s been something of a modern tradition the has caught on over the years.  The most excited person lately has been Nate our Camp Chef and general Jefe in the kitchen.  He loves to get out and ring the bell in the morning!  At times there are a few staff and even a group of campers.  What a pleasing echo across the lake for the morning!

As we made our way through a breakfast of scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, grits, and assorted cereals, it was finally time for assembly!  The enthusiasm of the first assembly of the session is always wonderful!  We danced, sang, and bounced our way around the gym!  A great way to start the day!  

It was a pleasant mountain day with just enough heat to enjoy the lake, but the cloud cover kept the temperature quite delightful! Tonight the first cabin overnights headed out into the wooded acres tonight.  They will lead the charge of a tradition that is as old as High Rocks.  We will see them in the morning just before breakfast.  I can’t wait to hear the stories.

I think my favorite part of my whole day was a moment in between activities this morning as I watched the boys all moving on their own in different directions.  There was a lot of excitement as the guys excitedly moved to their next event of the day! Some boys were moving in groups, making their way to grab some snack of fresh fruit and crackers in the dining hall.  Of course, some boys needed a few reminders about where they were headed, but most of all they were just excited to be blazing their own trail.  Heading to activities that THEY picked.  Learning new skills that THEY wanted to learn.  I have watched this first day of activities for twenty-five years!  I still try to get the boys moving to their activities on time, but they find adventure along the way; friends, snack, a camp dog, or just a daydream.  What I have come to learn is that it was never meant to be a straight line. It’s not how fast you get there. It’s what you do along the way…

Our first trips of the session head out tomorrow! It’s going to be amazing!

Have a great night. The boys are doing great!


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  1. June 12, 2018 by Laura

    What a great letter, Don. Wonderful way to start my evening as I just got back to the MS Gulf Coast. I can’t thank you enough for the gift of my little boy’s radiant smile – he is beaming. Thank you for letting them just be boys!