Filling Up

Today began cool (63°), cloudy and, as usual for trips, before the wake-up bell for climbers, soon after for mountain bikers and hikers.  The youngest hikers were still out on their overnight, but they got back tired, happy, and dirty at lunch. The advanced Chattooga paddlers will come back late—just in time for bed. I can’t wait to hear about their two-day trip in one of the most remote and beautiful gorges in the U.S.

One of the grand things about camp is watching the guys in this last week. They are all quite tired from such constant exertion, but, without their being fully aware of the effort involved because they’re having so much fun, the hard work shows in how accomplished they are getting: Controlling a horse in an open field and going over cavalettis and other jumps is very demanding. Rigging and unrigging sailboats with counselors watching but no longer directing is satisfying to all. Seeing hand-thrown pots go into and then successfully come out of the kiln is the culmination of new skills and finesse. Glazes are next!

All over camp the same growth is manifest. The two weekers now get up, actually clean themselves and their cabin up, and get into breakfast line in less than a half hour. Not bad, since some of them had no idea how to “operate” a broom or mop just a week ago. Another sign of camper maturation is in the dining hall, where they share chores and limited space, help each other get dishes in at the end of the meal, and now take greens without prompting!

When you get here Saturday, I’m sure that your son will want to show you each of the places that have become so meaningful to them, regardless of their age. We hope you can appreciate how much enjoyment they have been, well, earning.

The moon will be full Friday night! Maybe you’ll even get to hear a whippoorwill; you’ll certainly be regaled by katydids.

Good night,


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