Halfway Saturday and Mini I Close

It was a perfect morning to say goodbye to our Mini I campers and parents. We wrapped up assembly with a big send-off as they all made their way to the front parking lot to meet their parents. Nearly every parent was here by 9:30 as we took the whole group of boys and parents around camp to say goodbye to our activities and show some of the parents what we were up to these last two weeks.  As we went about the tour, each boy stopped to talk about his own first-hand experience with the activity.  It was great to see them say goodbye to some of their four-week friends, introduce their parents to some of the staff and even their favorite horse.  It sure did seem to fly by in no time. We have a new group of Mini’s in on Monday. While I miss the old group already, I am already excited for the new one!

For the rest of the guys, they sure did enjoy all being in camp today. It was a delight mountain summer day.  The boys continued with all of their activities, while some just enjoyed coming up with some new games to play.  Hiking and horseback riding teamed up to create a Lord of the Rings theme within their activities.  You will see some of their pictures posted tonight.

On a side note, I am testing out some facial recognition software with our gallery to make it easier to tag your sons.  I just started the other day by trying to tag most of the prominent folks in the pictures before I upload them.  It’s not an exact science. It doesn’t work for everyone in the picture, and it does not work for every picture. To view the information in the image, look at the bottom of the individual image page.  If your son is listed, you can click on their name and it should have other pictures tagged as well. Depending on whether you or others tagged them in a picture, you may even have images from previous years tagged. As always, you should be able to tag the images as well using the “name that mug” feature from the icon bar.  All of the camper names are uploaded so just start typing their name and it should show up for the tag.

Speaking of time flying, we are halfway through our session today.  The boys will go home in just two more weeks. While the honeymoon has long faded, it does seem like many of these guys are still working well together.  Some of the younger cabins are hitting some of their first “storming sessions” as they learn to work through differences with five other boys living together in 500 square feet of space. They do not yet see the importance, but I do.

I look forward to showing you more of what we have in store for the boys over the next couple of weeks.

Until tomorrow, 

Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures

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