Welcoming the Weekend

This was quite a way to wrap up the first “work week” at High Rocks. Camp was treated to a pristine summer morning; from cool breeze blowing in the morning, to a hot midday under a clear blue sky, a cracker of an afternoon thunderstorm, and, as I type this, happy noises just outside the office as guys cool off on the rope swing and water slide.

New and returning campers alike look comfortable and at home as they go about their individual schedules. Activities are going full speed, the dining hall is now a center of noisy efficiency, and the free periods are full of groups of boys spending time with each other playing disc golf, cards, lounging in the shade, or an impromptu game of hide-and-seek through main camp. Appetites are also increasing as the consistent level of activity is creating quite a monster at meal time. Today’s lunch consisted of homemade coleslaw, fried okra, hush puppies, green salads, and a small mountain of BBQ that was slow cooked all night long. The rich food and cool winds from the incoming storm immediately sent everyone into a rest hour tailspin. 

The perfection of the day was not lost on in-camp activities. Sailors took advantage of the steady wind to whip around the lake. You know it is a good day when not a single sailor “falls” out of their boat to bob in the water. Horseback riders were also appreciative of the cooling breeze and the horses put a little more pep their step around the ring. 

Hiking was spotted moving all around main camp and beyond as the guys made their way through an orienteering course with newly learned compass skills. More than one was seen hastily backtracking a ways before consulting his compass and deciding on a better course. Shooting sports were pushed a little more than usual with the breeze affecting their aim, though I heard no complaints from the guys waiting their turn to shoot again. Soccer was sweating hard on the fields and enjoyed a brief glimpse of some World Cup action to inspire fancy footwork.

The evening saw another round of cabin overnights head out into the woods with swaying backpacks, heavy water bottles, and crazy creeks bumping their legs with each step. We had some of the youngest boys in Connestee marching to Lower Rocky Top, a campsite with a shelter and wonderful rock lookout nearby. As I type this I am sure that pita pizzas have been consumed as fast as they came out of the pan, campfires have been built up, and s’mores are being delicately handled in anticipation of games of Mafia and stories to finish off the evening. One trick employed by our staff is to take all camper watches before heading out which results in a useful time relativity. As our Hillside boys said earlier this week, “We played Mafia till way late, they took our watches, but it was definitely after midnight, for sure!”. Counselors nodded in solidarity before later confirming that the last camper had crashed out by about 9:45.

I look forward to the rather grubby, but happy, return of our cabins out tonight. And I hope you enjoy the pictures from today before returning tomorrow night for another dose.

Until then,

Woody Noland

Today‚Äôs Pictures 

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