Sun Plus Water Equals Fun!

Today opened calm, mild and muggy, with most of us (but not our newest campers) sound asleep until the wake-up bell rang out across the lake, the signal for early risers to eat quickly and get out on their canoe trip to the Nantahala River. During the meal, the new two-weekers, who have already fit in, were in charge of filling their own trays and sitting with people they may have met only this morning.

Besides the departed canoers, both hiking and rock climbing still had guys out on three-day trips. I’m sure that they’ll have much to say when they get back tomorrow, once they get gear stowed away and themselves cleaned up. Mountain bikers left after breakfast for DuPont, so there were several dozen people out, but our regular in-camp day was just as busy and noisy as ever. It is really gratifying to see how many of the older campers were making sure that the Minis were getting where they wanted to go and feeling a part of their new activities; One of the great things about High Rocks is the community built by over two-hundred young people (with a few of us older ones thrown in for seasoning).

The food is always especially good here, but today’s lunch deserves special mention. The kitchen staff made pizzas, and campers’ two favorites are cheese and pepperoni. But they also got to choose among four-cheese, Mediterranean, barbecued chicken, chicken and waffle, vegetable, vegetarian barbecue, vegan, mac and cheese, meat lover’s, Philly cheese steak, cheeseburger, enchilada and one mystery pizza!! There may have been some waddling as we left for our rest hour.

The swimming staff took their oldest campers to the French Broad River for an afternoon of relaxed tubing as a reward for the work they have been putting in, and they had a sunny, hot and timely trip. The horseback riders didn’t have quite the same luck with their timing, however. Just as the Scarface age group (named for a mythical, uncatchable bass in our lake) were eating their early Chill Night supper, all the day’s earlier mugginess built into a humdinger of a thunderstorm. It arrived with a very impressive squall, rained amazingly hard for about a half hour, and left us a much cooler camp. Even with many thoroughly drenched people at supper, the mood was energetic, excited and happy. More good news: The Scarface guys got to Pisgah after the storm had rumbled through, so their sliding and ice cream licking were undisturbed.

I’ve heard katydids the last couple of nights, which means that one of summer’s greatest shows is coming (another, lightning bugs, are still rising every evening)! Going to bed in such a place, with such accompaniment, and reflecting on all the good, wholesome fun that happens here during the day is a terrific inducement to a full night’s sleep. May you have one, too.

Good night,

Dan Noland

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