The Last Saturday and Keystone Dance

The sweet sound of a light rain and some distant thunder is what woke me this morning.  It looked like one of those quiet raining days you might want to hit a book or the like.  It’s always fun to see all the colored raincoats come out along with some of the High Rocks hoodies. What the boys did not know is that this front would move through before their first activity hour and the sun would shine.  It was a delightful morning!

The barn folks took off to the Tryon International Equestrian Center for a horse show this morning. TIEC will be hosting the World Equestrian Games in September.  It’s a big deal for our area.  They will be flying over 1000 horses into Greenville Spartanburg Airport for the games later in September. The boys were able to watch some younger riders compete and check out this amazing facility. They really enjoyed it.

Our afternoon was similar to our morning with more sun and fun.  The hiking activity was hosting a “car camping” event today complete with a hillbilly hot tub, hot dogs over the fire, lawn games, and some classic rock and roll. Most of the rest of the activities continued with fun events.  Fishing tried their hand once again at some primitive fishing with just line and bread.  It really works!

One of the great things we do for these boys is to have some snack available throughout the day. We typically have some sort of fresh fruit and a little starch like Goldfish, or Cheez-Its. Typically fruit offerings are apples, sliced oranges, or grapes. What I really enjoy this time of year is when the peaches come out.  Today was a peach day!  I couldn’t even eat mine inside.  I just leaned over and went to town.  The juice ran everywhere.  It was a similar sight for most of the boys.  I’m not sure they bothered to lean over as it does not really concern them.

Our choice period was converted to “beautification hour” for our boys so that they could go back to their cabins to clean-up for the square dance later this evening.  We enjoyed a nice dinner on the lawn before hosting the girls from Keystone Camp.  The campers all had a wonderful time. It is a great event for these kids to enjoy each other in a wonderful atmosphere.  I always enjoy seeing all of the siblings that attend too.  There are a number of pictures for the parents tonight.  I hope we caught all of the brothers and sisters. We sure did enjoy having them.

That is all for tonight! I can’t believe we move into the last week tomorrow.

Today’s Pictures 

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