Upper Senior Steak Dinner and Cabin Night

What a full day of fun!  We still had boys out on trips in several activities including paddling, climbing, and hiking. Some of the boys today just made it into kayaking, and a number of boys just reached their highest rank, the High Rocks Archer, in archery.  In camp, it was a celebration of the sort all over the place.  There has Cheerwine event on the “unicorn” this afternoon.  A lot of fun was also happening down at the gaga pit.  The big event of the afternoon was the final of the camper-counselor tennis tournament.  The first set was played at 5 pm today.  They will wrap up tomorrow before lunch.

Tonight is one of my favorite nights with our oldest group of campers.  Zoob and I, along with Woody hosted the Upper Seniors for the Annual Steak Dinner Night.  We started with a lot of gooey cheese, buffalo wings, and assorted sodas.  From there dinner included Ribeye steaks, fries, toast, and salad. For dessert, we washed it all down with cheesecake.  The boys ate until they could not eat anymore.  We even had some leftover steak. After dinner, the results of the Upper Senior Challenge were announced.  It was a wonderful time.

All of the other boys in camp enjoyed a great time with just the boys in their cabin.  Some boys went off the rope swing, others went on another cabin overnight. As we wrapped up the individual events around 8:45, everyone headed back to their cabins for the night.

It sure has been an incredible month and a wonderful two weeks with our Mini II guys.  I can’t believe it is wrapping up already.  Tomorrow afternoon we will begin our transition process by getting packed up, then one final all-camp color war event will take up the whole time after rest hour.  Finally, we will wrap up the session with a campfire, songs, and a story.  There will be a large group of boys receiving their 5-year backpack and 10-year handmade Fritz Orr paddle.  I am so excited about tomorrow.

A friendly reminder… Parents’ Day is on Saturday.  Please wait until 9:15 to arrive.  We will get things going a little after 10:00 with demonstrations, displays, and lunch! Once you park, you can meet your son up in the dining hall.  Even though we will load up your trunk in the car, I always like to remind folks about stopping by the cabin on closing day to be sure you get everything that is still on your son’s bed before you leave. If your son did pottery, these items will be down in the pottery studio.

I will put up a closing blog and a few color war pictures tomorrow. Safe travels!  I look forward to meeting with all of you about this great session!

All the best,

Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures

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