Welcome Mini II Families

I want to welcome all of our Mini II families to our nightly gathering and give you some information about what to expect ahead. Some nights will have more than others, but my hope is to give you a sense of what we did today and maybe (probably) some lessons along the way  It is so great to have you with us!  You should have received an email from me this afternoon with your son’s schedule and some additional details.  Check your spam if you did not get it.  We had a blast after you all took off today.  After lunch, the boys were right into their activities, then enjoyed some choice period fun.  Tonight the guys played around on the rope swing and water slide. I enjoyed getting to know them a bit while I shot a few pictures.  What a great group!

I know there are a lot of first-time families in this mini II group.  It’s going to be an amazing ride.  By design, the boys will have some ups and downs.  Learning new skills will take some practice.  They will have some success and they will be challenged at times.  Our caring staff will get them right back on their feet to try again and help them along the way. A good example is one of the images I saw today of your boys.  I almost deleted it because nearly all of them have a very serious face and I was concerned that you may be worried about your son. If you look closely, you’ll see the head of the climbing program talking about our tower and how they will all climb up this tower.  The boys are watching our older campers climb (and fall).  If you add a little emotional exhaustion from all that drop-off and activity this morning, they might look a little worn out and perplexed.  They were a little worn out and also wondering about the activity they had just signed up to do. I will tell you the boys are doing great. 

I will do my best to highlight the journey of High Rocks for you over these next few days. It will be a lot of fun.  If you need us, just reach out.  Our staff will be more than happy to help you and even give a report on anything you need to know.  In about five days the first letters will arrive home. Many of these will be from the first days.  The letters will share many emotions, even some struggles on the first day or two. We will all do it together…

Now on to some logistics…
Below is the link to the High Rocks Gallery.  The page should open a new window that is just the gallery.  You will notice that our website and picture gallery is very user-friendly on most any device, including mobile and tablet devices.  To get all the details and features (like face tag, image download, mobile phone use, and navigation) I highly recommend looking over the notes and details here at  Gallery Help and Highlights. This gallery is password protected. I sent out an email yesterday with details for your login.  Please let me know if you need help getting into the gallery.

It may make sense to save the link and login to your browser for quick access. I will try my best to get the blog up by 9:30 pm each night, but sometimes camp does get in the way, or our rural internet has been quite slow (or even slower). Don’t fret!  We will get you the pictures as soon as we can!

Don’t forget to follow us on social media.  We will make it worth your while by putting up a couple extra pictures and a special video from time to time during the day.  Twitter: @CampHighRocks. Facebook:  Camp High Rocks, and on Instagram: #camphighrocks. Feel free to throw up some of these great pictures to share on your feed.  We like making High Rocks look good!

I failed to mention all the stuff that happened before 8:30 am!!!  We had about thirty boys heading out the door on early trips today.  About 12 climbers took off to Virginia for three days of climbing and camping.  There was also a three-day hike heading into Pisgah National Forest. Also eating early was a group that took off on the Tuckaseegee River today. all of these boys were eating an early breakfast to head out for their adventures. It was a great start to the day.  

The adventure continues tomorrow.

Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures 

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