A Whole New Adventure

While it wasn’t the first day of activities, it WAS the first day of activities the boys have chosen for the rest of the session.  The boys were super excited about heading out for a journey they created today. Some were flanked by a few cabin mates, others chose to blaze their own trail and catch up with their cabin mates at lunch. My favorite part of this session is in between activity periods.  Today, the boys were charged with finding their own way to their activities…sort of.  There are several of us posted out at key spots making sure everyone is heading in the right direction with the right gear. These instructional activities will allow the boys to progress in a chosen skill.  They will still have plenty of opportunities to try out other activities during the choice period.  I enjoy the look on their face as they proudly head off for their new adventure.

We had some on and off rain throughout the day.  It was a great opportunity to show these boys how to play in the rain.  Some activities brought us inside where we still had wonderful opportunities.  There are some great pictures of the boys showing you how wonderful the rain can be.  there were also wonderful periods of no rain. 

After a full day of activities, the boys also had a choice period right before dinner.  Many were enjoying some four square, dodgeball, and some gaga ball.  I really enjoy seeing the guys pick up with a group and move through the disc golf course.  We had several of our staff guiding the way today for some of the younger guys while other did a great job on their own.

I know many of you parents are wondering how everyone is doing, and I hope the nightly blog and pictures give you a good sense of the daily routine of camp.    In the next day or so the first letters from High Rocks will be arriving in your mailbox.  There is the possibility of a letter coming home that may worry you. So let’s talk about homesickness.  It’s not a scary word.  It’s all about growing up one step at a time.  After more than 20 years here at High Rocks, I have some pretty good experience with kids and camp.  That being said, a little homesickness is normal.  More often than not, what you are reading in those letters today has passed and they are on to bigger heights.  Remember, we are professionals. If you feel worried at all just drop us a line.  Don’t forget to do the same for your son.  Give him some encouraging words; tell him how proud you are and how he will be just fine.  Try not to go on about how the dog misses him, or all the cool things you are doing at home.  When you are learning to take some steps on your own, sometimes you stumble.  It’s definitely not a reason to stop walking.  Camp is a super place to step out on your own.   If you do feel like you need to give us a call, we are here to help.  Don’t forget, the boys love mail.  So keep sending it.

Our oldest age group of boys headed out for ‘Chill Night.” After an early dinner, the boys head to Sliding Rock, a natural water slide that is one of the coolest natural features in our area.  After several trips down the rock, they all load up and head to Dolly’s a wonderful ice cream shop known for its fantastic ice cream and funky flavors named after more than 20 local summer camps.  These guys will return just before lights out.  The rest of camp enjoyed some dodgeball, bingo, and games on the field.

We are beginning our rhythm of camp.  It’s wonderful to see these boys already working through their plan and enjoy the challenge that comes to them every day.

Don’t forget to write!


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