And Then There Were Three

…days left in this session after today, that is. With all that goes on around here, it’s amazing how quickly time passes. I’ve heard more than a few guys talking about next summer already. But we are far from done. In fact, camp is in fullest stride, with trips out of camp for canoeing, climbing, mountain biking, and two in hiking, one of which has our youngest hikers walking a series of our trails that parallel camp’s perimeter. When they hike back into camp tomorrow morning, they will be tired, dirty, and triumphant.

Along with regular in-camp activities going all day, we had a special event in the gym for the hour before supper: a giant-sized four-square game to the tune of classical music. I know that sounds incongruous, but Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” was just one of the dramatic and kinetic background pieces. Another special event, Snorkeling in the French Broad River, we had to postpone until tomorrow because of an afternoon rain that turned the water too opaque. 

That rain had passed by the time tonight’s group ate early and headed out for Chill Night at Sliding Rock and Dolly’s. You might think that the guys would be tired by then, but that won’t show until they tumble stickily out of the vans to go gratefully to bed. You should be proud of your guys: They go hard from early in the morning until after 9:00, playing, learning, burning calories galore, but they keep (mostly) good spirits and attitudes. Even though we are eating tons of excellent food, nobody gains weight!

The waning crescent is disappearing into this weekend’s new moon, but I’ll bet that getting your campers home will make that hard to remember. In the meantime, we are enjoying the late summer, days and nights, and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Good night,

Dan Noland

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