8 Camping Themed Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume or an easy child Halloween costume? We get it Halloween costumes can tough. We have a few ideas from homemade costumes to family costumes! Check out our Camping Halloween Costumes below. 

1. S’mores ( A Great Family Costume!)

Grab cardboard, brown paper, and fluffy white stuffing and you have a Halloween costume! Nothing is campier than a good old-fashioned s’more.

Photo from: themommyguide.com

2. Campfire Costume

Good for you or your child! Throw on a red shirt and cut out construction paper flames!

campingfire halloween costume

Photo from: todaysparent.com

3. Explorer Costume

A paper sack, straw hat, binoculars and a favorite stuffed animal is all you need to explore for candy on Halloween.

4. Happy Camper Costume

Throw on a flannel shirt, a backpack, headlamp, and add in a smile! The easiest costume that will get a laugh out of your friends. Want to add a tent? Throw a crazy creek chair over your head and you are now in your own personal tent.

Photo from: twintestedblog.com

5. Row, Row, Row Your Boat 

What could be cuter than this homemade costume?

Photo from: diynetwork.com

6. Hot Chocolate Costume

This costume sure will be sweet! One of the more complicated items on the list. Google “Starbucks Halloween Costume” for a few ideas to make this costume easier. 

Photo from: diynetwork.com

7. Mason Jar Costume

Live in the south? This Halloween Costume is for you! Good for all ages and fun. Even better if you bring along a mason jar full of snacks or apple cider while trick-or-treating. 

Photo from: diynetwork.com

8. Spider Costume

An easy spider costume for all ages. Look for oversized pipe straws to create the spider legs. With 10 legs, you will be the fastest person around!

Little boy in spider costume.

Photo from: makeit-loveit.com

Happy Halloween! Enjoy candy, friends, and a pumpkin spiced latte. Let us know what Camping Halloween Costume you choose – send us a photo or tag @camphighrocks on Facebook or Instagram.  Read one of our latest blogs about Fall Hikes in Western North Carolina here


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