26 Questions to Ask Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

Motherly.com writer and mother of two, Sara Goldstein writes
“When I picked my son up from his first day of 4th grade, my usual (enthusiastically delivered) question of “how was your day?” was met with his usual (indifferently delivered) “fine.”

Does this sound familiar? It does for us. It happens even at camp! We put our thinking hats on and thought of 26 questions we can ask instead of “How was your day?”.


  • What made you smile today?
  • Did you make anyone else smile today? How?
  • Rate your day from 1-10? Why was it that number?
  • What did you not like about today? (How can we change that?)
  • What makes your teacher smile?
  • What made you laugh today?


  • What was for lunch?
  • What did someone else have in their lunch that looked yummy? (A great way to get tips on how to spice up their lunches!)
  • If you could have the BEST LUNCH EVER, what would you eat?
  • Where did you sit for lunch today?
  • Who did you sit with for lunch today?
  • What did you play in recess after lunch was over?


  • Explain to me something you learned today. 
  • If I went to school with you, what would I have learned today?
  • What questions did you ask your teacher today?
  • What was challenging about what you learned today? (Or what did you easily understand?)
  • Let’s say you got to be the teacher tomorrow, what would you teach?
  • Did you learn any new words today?

Getting Creative

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • What did you do in art today?
  • If you were a superhero, what superpowers would you have?
  • If I asked you to draw something right now, what would you draw?
  • Tell me your craziest dream!
  • If you could be an animal, what would you be?
  • Which Holiday is your favorite? What do you like about it?
  • What rules would you make up, if you could made up the rules in our house?

Try a few of these questions with your child on the way home from school. They also make great questions to ask around the dinner table. Write these questions down, take a screenshot of this post, or save it in your phone to take a look at later. Good luck talking!

We used these resources and think you should take a look to:
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