6 TED Talks To Watch With Your Kids

Fun, creative, and engaging TED talks to watch with your kids. Enjoy on a rainy day or set them up in a playlist for long car rides! TED even has a whole selection of videos created to watch with your children. Check it out here. We picked a few from that list and a few we found on our own. #1 is our favorite by far!

6 Kid-Friendly Videos:

1)Ready to teach your children how much life we still have yet to discover in the underwater? Wait till the 4:22 mark, WOW! – Underwater Astonishments (5:18)

2)Dancing is for everyone – LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) (16:48)

3)Science is not just for adults. Listen to Amy O’Toole, 12 tear old scientist and one of the youngest people to ever publish a peer-reviewed science paper – Science is for Everyone, Kids Included (15:25)

4)Watch Louie Schwartzberg’s stunning time-lapse photography. This TED talk is very calming and meditative – Nature. Beauty. Gratitude (9:47)

5)Play-Doh and robotics. – Hands-on Science with Squishy Circuits (4:02)

6)Watch Kid President ask you to “wake up, listen to the beating of your heart, and create something that will make the world awesome.” – I Think We All Need A Pep Talk (3:27)

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We advise watching each video yourself before you show it to your children. Camp High Rocks does not endorse any video above.

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