5 Camp Things You Should Be Talking About Now

Getting ready for camp is excited and a can be a bit nerve-racking for campers and parents. Talking about camp is important! Nerves can often be calmed by spending time preparing for camp as a family.

  • Take an Online Camp Tour – Look through our Facility Slideshow and see what camp looks like before you get here. Talk to your son about living in a cabin with 5 other guys and sleeping on a bunk bed (how cool!).
  • Activities – For many campers, this is their first opportunity to try activities like mountain biking, or horseback riding. Give your camper a head start thinking about what his daily activities will be like. (And while you’re at it – go over the daily schedule!)
  • Homesickness – This is a normal feeling, it means your child has a home he loves. Talk to your camper, tell them this is normal. Express confidence in your child’s ability to enjoy camp and his resilience. Go over a few coping strategies like writing a letter home, telling a counselor, or finding something fun you like to do instead of thinking about home. Talk about homesickness honestly and encourage them to speak aloud their specific worries. (Contact the office for more help!)
  • Camp Video – Watch(and re-watch 5 more times) our camp video! The video is a huge excitement booster for campers and parents.
  • Set Small Goals – Start talking now about a few things he wants to accomplish this summer. Like saying hi to someone new each day, trying out rock climbing, learning a new knot in sailing, or trying new food! When you write your camper throughout his session, you can ask about these goals and help keep him focused on the fun and achievements he will have at camp. You can make these as silly (or not) as you want! Find goals that fit your child’s personality. When setting goals, allow your son to brainstorm – they are HIS goals after all.

As a parent, how you talk about camp is important. Your son needs to know and believe you have the confidence they are going to have a great summer. Show your excitement for all the opportunities he will get a camp from mountain biking trips to delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast. As a camp, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with you in giving your son the best summer he can have!

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