Camp Extra Packing Tips

Packing for camp can be an overwhelming task! You might be thinking, “My son can’t even remember to put on BOTH shoes!” or “Do they really need three towels?”(Spoiler Alert: The answer is yes, yes they do!). We look at the packing list every year and make adjustments according to feedback from our campers and parents. Read our Extra Packing Tips below

Trunk vs. Duffel Debate

Where To Buy A Camp Trunk: Everything Summer Camp – Happy Camper Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5″

We often get asked, “Should I buy a trunk or duffel?” Our answer: you can use both or pick one! Most of our campers use a duffel to carry beddings including pillows, sheets(x2), and pillows. Inside the trunk goes clothes, books, and everything else. Once your camper gets to camp, you all can make the bed together and then put the duffle with extra sheets underneath the bed zipped up. He then will live out of his trunk getting clothes for everyday use.

Suitcases do work as well, please understand that our cabins are not air-conditioned therefore can get a bit damp. This will make suitcases harder to live out of.

We suggest if you are worried about getting a trunk for the first year, wait and get a plastic bin from Walmart like this. This will last one year and then you all can decide what type of trunk you would like to buy.

Packing Tips

  • Don’t Pack His FAVORITE Shirt. If your son has that one favorite shirt he hates to get dirty, we advise you not to pack it. At camp, all clothes will get dirty. If he doesn’t mind getting it dirty – PACK IT!
  • Camp is for old shoes. Shoes get worn in the mud, through puddles, and across little streams! While we want shoes to fit, old shoes are great options for a camp shoe.
  • Put new batteries in the flashlight. Avoid the flashlight dying on the second night of camp by putting new batteries in before come.
  • More Books! Rest hour and before bed downtime are common places to read books. For our longer session, packing more than just their summer reading will avoid that mid-session letter sent home asking for books.
  • Label EVERYTHING! From underwear to toothbrushes – think of anything you can label and label it. (Yes – even the toothbrushes, if it is left on the counter, that is the only way it will make it back to your camper!) We suggest
  • Read what not to bring to camp. (You can read that here)
  • Pack a few chapsticks. Put one in his shower items, backpack, writing utensil area, and trunk. These little tubes get lost easily. (If they run out – don’t worry, we sell it at the camp store)
  • Teach proper wet clothes etiquette. Where does your son put his wet bathing suit or towel? At camp, if they have not practiced hanging it up – it will go into the trunk therefore making everything else in his trunk yet. Practice wear to put wet clothes BEFORE he gets to camp!
  • He will need a Sleeping Bag Click the link at the bottom of the page to read more on what type you should bring.

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