Speaking Up in Class

Have you heard from your child’s teacher that he or she isn’t speaking up in class? No raising hands or answering questions out loud.. at all? Unless you share this trait with your child, it can be hard as a parent to understand your child’s emotional reactions and aversion to speaking up.

4 Tips for Speaking Up In Class

Susan Cain, accomplished public speaker New York Times Best Seller, gives these 4 tips for helping your child speak up in class. (Original Article)

  • Small Steps – “small steps, with small victories along the way – sometimes VERY Small steps” Set goals that start small. Maybe today your child sets the goal to ask one question in a small group setting or raises his hand one time. If they accomplish this goal – CELEBRATE!
  • Practice – Role play with your child what this looks like at school. If you can, practice in the classroom by yourselves!
  • Parenter With Your Teacher – Get the teacher in on your small steps so they can celebrate as well. Let the teacher know what topics your child feels comfortable with so she may call on him/her when discussing those topics.
  • Classmate Help – Ask the teacher to partner your child with a friend in class. Maybe you can answer the question together!
  • (Bonus Tip) Create Different Ways to Ask A Question – Children can write their questions on a notecard and work their way up from there! Once they feel comfortable creating questions for the notecard, then each student can read a different child’s notecard question out loud. Eventually working up to reading their own question out loud!

Additional Resources on Parenting Introverted or Shy Kids

First off, we suggest taking this quiz from Susan Cain: Are You Parenting a Quiet Child?

Camp director, mother, and author, Aubrey Monke suggests listening to Susan Cain on the Happier Podcast. Aubrey writes, ” She [Susan Cain] talked about introverted kids needing a “longer runway” to get ready to do things, especially new things.”.

Aubrey Monke’s Blog Post: Resources For Parents of Introverted or Sensitive Kids

The Power of Introverts – Ted Talk by Susan Cain

Quiet: The Power of Introverts with Susan Can Podcast

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