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Color War and Final Campfire

We went all out until the last minute! We still had three trips out of camp this morning! I took the opportunity to join some of the youngest guys on a short kayak float trip! We had so much fun! … »

Upper Senior Steak Dinner and Cabin Night

It’s hard to believe that today was the last full day of activities. It was another wonderful day with cool temperatures in the morning with a wonderful breeze. Many boys were still heading out on trips including tubing, paddling, climbing, … »

The Home Stretch

If you do not see your son, it is likely he is out on a trip today.  We had a number of trips out the door today.  The paddling crew headed out to the Chattooga River.  The climbing two-day is heading … »

Upper Senior Challenge

It was another fantastic Sunday here at High Rocks!  After a much-needed sleep-in, the boys worked hard to get their laundry up to the lot before breakfast. We had a great meal including scratch-made cinnamon rolls, then a little bounce … »

Keystone Dance

Saturday morning at High Rocks means pancakes and it has for almost 60 years. Certainly, every Saturday I have been here in the summer we have had pancakes. Over the last few years, we have even gone old-school and moved … »

To “Clue” You In

It was Colonel Mustard at the climbing tower, with a swimming noodle…. No wait! It was Mr. Scarlet, with a gaga ball, down at the barn. Tonight, our community was greeted at the dinner bell with a camp-sized game of … »

It’s About the Adventure

The mornings are becoming routine. I love to head up for my morning meeting after I get myself put together. I always grab a cup of coffee in the dining hall. It’s a fantastic cup of coffee. A friend of … »

Over the Hump

It’s hard to believe that we have passed the halfway point already. Our second Waikiki Wednesday was quite delightful. I really enjoy the number of Hawaiian-style shirts the spread throughout camp. The paddlers and climbers were out the door before … »

The Sounds of Summer

Today actually began last night, after lights out, when a mesmerizing series of thunderous storms huffed and puffed through Cedar Mountain, dropping four inches of rain in just over an hour! At wake-up bell, the sky was again calm, the … »

Adventure Is Important

Monday morning was a busy one out of the gates. We had a number of trips heading out in all sorts of directions, including our 5-day upper senior hike to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. It is one of the Nations’ … »