Tacos on a Sunny Tuesday

What a beautiful morning to wake up in the mountains! My day started early around 6:30 as I moved toward the kitchen to get my coffee going. I walked out on the deck with my dog, Barley, to take a fresh view of the day over the lake. The cool sunny mountain air was amazing. Barley enjoyed his typical morning rub down while I tried to just enjoy the scene. You could hear a few staff doing a morning workout. The sounds of someone swimming and another getting in some paddling time. Not a single word; just the birds, the splash of the water, and the breeze! Maybe the groan of Barley as he enjoyed the rub. I stepped in to wash my hands of the stinky dog (I do love him) and grab a cup of coffee. I couldn’t help but head back out with my laptop to enjoy the space while I made a few notes for our morning meeting and answer a couple of overnight gallery login problems.

Speaking of my dog, Barley. I really can’t think of a better life for a dog. All the love you need, plenty of fun, and food falling from the sky almost everywhere. If you have not checked it out, be sure to visit his Instagram page: @barleythecampdog. He has more friends than I do!

I made it to the our meeting just in time to get to the details of the day. Woody and Smoot fill us in on most all things cabin, including the campers and the counselors. Zoob and Will cover the program and resources, including vehicles, cabin coverage, and activity coverage. Darby and Townsend cover the office and all the details for communications. It is a quick 40 minutes to get everyone up to speed and then it’s off to breakfast.

We could not have asked for more perfect weather!  Of course, we are prepared for anything mother nature throws our way, but camp sure is fantastic when it is warm and sunny!  Today was that kind of day! The lake was filled with eager swimmers, paddlers, sailors, and fishermen. There are some great sailing pictures up tonight.

Lunch was a huge hit as the ever popular Taco Tuesday emerged! It could be the worst day to have dining hall clean-up, but certainly worth it. The boys consumed mass quantities while the piled on all the assorted toppings. It was a great way to head into rest hour.

The land sports were also kicking again today. I enjoyed seeing all the lessons and learning! Around choice period, I met with some more of our cabin groups that were heading out. I then made my way toward the gym where I enjoyed the many a warrior in the arena over in the GaGa pit.

Keep the letters coming! The boys love it! I sure do enjoy watching them sit up around the dining hall before lunch reading their mail.

Life is good! Enjoy the pictures!


Today’s Pictures

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