Friday Campmercials

The best part of my day started in assembly this morning.  I need to get up front from time to time just to remember why I love it so much.  What if we all got up each morning and shared a wonderful breakfast with eggs, scratch-made chocolate chip scones, oatmeal, sausage, fresh fruit, and assorted cereals. Follow that with you and your family heading into the next room to do some motion songs, get goofy, and go crazy. THEN you head off to work or school.  Wouldn’t that be a great start to every day? It sure is here at camp.  Assembly allows us to loosen up, let go, and be happy! Nobody is cool in assembly.  Maybe that is why it’s so awesome. We jump around, we laugh, and we get excited about all that surrounds us.  Anyhow, I enjoyed my time in the front this morning…almost as much as the campers.

It was another busy day of trips out again today. Mountain biking headed over to DuPont State Forest for a trip to some world-class trails. Rock climbing was heading over to Looking Glass Rock for the day. Hiking had an all-day hike to Turkey Pen Gap. Finally, the paddlers had an all-day trip on the French Broad River. It was quite delightful to hear all of the stories from these boys.

Tonight was an all camp event much like a skit night, except it’s “Campmercials.” Each cabin had an opportunity to come up with a classic sales pitch to sell anything they want, like an “As Seen on TV” commercial. It sure was a hit. The boys did a great job selling that “must need” item that you can’t live without. As you could imagine, there were several related to staff. They sold super chairs, counselors personal items, and even the new an improved canoe paddle with a “T” grip. I will put up some of those images tomorrow by midday.

Don’t forget to show off your pictures of High Rocks!  On a desktop just right click on an image and share or save.  For mobile on both android and apple, typically just hold your finger on the picture to share or save it. tag us @camphighrocks…

Saturdays are always amazing. It sure to be another amazing day at Camp High Rocks.

There are still images pushing up. It finishes around 330 total. Have a great night!


Today’s Pictures

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