One Fine Saturday

While we do not need to long for the weekend like most of the world outside of camp, the weekends do bring us all back together.  During the week we run in a lot of different directions, so it feels nice to have everyone home again and hanging out together.  As I mentioned, there are a few pictures from last night’s “campmercials.” It was mostly a roast on me, but it was certainly all in good fun. I truly enjoyed it.

I had to spend the majority of my day out and around camp. Our typical photographer has Saturday off, so I had the opportunity to grab a bunch of images, hang with the boys, and see a lot of what everyone was up to in their activities.

Hiking was my first stop. They were giving some great lessons on the time-honored tradition of orienteering or what is better known ans map and compass work. It is cool to watch these staff help these boys understand what all of this is about and how a compass actually works. They wrapped the day up with a fun game.

Crafts took the opportunity while everyone was in camp to tackle the tie-dye event down there. The boys were learning some great skills and making great shirts.

Across the hall at pottery, Wesley was giving the boys opportunities to work at the table while on various hand building projects while still giving individual time on the wheel. It is difficult to make something on the wheel, but the boys sure do enjoy the challenge. Just getting your lump of clay in the middle could be one of the hardest parts.

The climbing tower was busy challenging the boys with a couple different caving ladders along with the numerous routes to master on the tower.

Our boys in mountain biking were working on the tough skill of climbing. It requires a number of different body positions and a whole lot of determination. The best part of going up hill is getting to come back down. Another skill that requires some good body position, control, and keeping those brakes covered.

The paddlers worked and played while learning a number of basic lake rescues involving such terms as boat of boat and “T” rescues. It allows the campers to get wet and learn some basic safety.

After our windy week, the boys at sailing were still working out a review of the capsize drill. One of the campers says it is his favorite class in sailing.

Horseback riding had some fun games on horseback that always appeared to end with guy eating doughnuts off a string. It makes for great pictures.

Our swimmers all enjoyed some time on the rope swing and waterslide. They wrapped up their classes with our distance swim historically known as the tri-swim. It’s about a 500-meter swim around the lake.

Shooting sports had some fun playing target practice with balloons and other “plinking” targets with the rifle classes. Archery enjoyed a modified “king of the court” game that involved getting other opponents out by shooting a higher score on competitor targets. A little confusing, but a lot of fun.

The fisherman worked on catching fish…:) However, I was never there to get a picture when they did catch one. I heard that they DID catch some fish.

Tonight we enjoyed another fabulous evening with “subs and sodas” on the lawn for dinner. After dinner, we took a much needed rest and enjoyed an all-camp movie and some popcorn. A great way to wrap up the week.

Tomorrow we relax a little and cruise into Sunday real slow and easy. I will give more details about our morning mindful relaxation and afternoon all-camp excitement.

Have a great night! There are still about 20 more pictures to load as I type. Be sure to check them all out.


Today’s Pictures

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