Over the Hump

It’s hard to believe that we have passed the halfway point already. Our second Waikiki Wednesday was quite delightful. I really enjoy the number of Hawaiian-style shirts the spread throughout camp.

The paddlers and climbers were out the door before the breakfast bell even rang. The trip list today included:

  • Mountain Bike to DuPont
  • Tuckaseegee River Canoe Trip
  • Swimming Hole afternoon at DuPont State Forest
  • Climbing Trip to Pilot Rock

While there were a number of trips out, we still had a wonderful time in camp! The boys are still enjoying and learning in their daily activities. Most of the latest learning is in the cabin. Living with six other boys in your cabin is becoming a little more real and there are times when the boys need to work a few situations out. Our evening cabin meetings are a great venue for discussions of concern and even a place to vent about your day. Another great part of our program.

One of the funniest institutions that sort of happens over each session is that each of the age groups come up with their own nickname. Some age groups pick it up right away others, over time. Once they have a name, they typically add a chant or catchphrase after so that during announcements when you call out evening program, the boys respond after their age group is called. It is certainly a fun twist on announcements but it also becomes an identity the rest of the session. Anyhow, below are the age groups from youngest to oldest.

Age Group Names

  1. Hillside and Connestee: Chicken Contenders -Refused To Be Fried
  2. Lakeside and Foxhollow: It’s Not Personal -It’s Just Business
  3. Flattop and Windswept: Flex Tape -Wow! That’s a lot of Damage
  4. Chalet and Overlook: Life Alert -Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up
  5. Outpost and Spucepine: Pastafarians -Everything’s going to be Alfredo
  6. Halfway, Pinnacle, Lookout: Gaines -Get Off The Docks!

Tonight Life Alert was on their “Chill Night.” Gaines was enjoying a relaxing waterfront experience. I spent my evening grabbing some shots of my favorite evening program with Flex Tape! You cannot beat a game of “Canoe Fill-ups” to get some energy out, laugh and scream a little, and just forget about the outside world for a while. The pictures turned out great, but they may be some of the last to load. The faces tell the story. It was a wonderful end to another great day at High Rocks.

Thanks for sharing your boys. It sure is great to have them as part of our community.

Have a great night!


Today’s Pictures

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