The Home Stretch

If you do not see your son, it is likely he is out on a trip today.  We had a number of trips out the door today.  The paddling crew headed out to the Chattooga River.  The climbing two-day is heading out to the Virginia Highlands for some great sandstone.  The hikers are heading out for a two-day in High Pisgah. We also had a river snorkeling trip out today. The boys witnessed the elusive hellbender that is world famous in these parts. They also witnessed a number of trout and other creatures. Finally, the mountain bikers had another great trip over in DuPont State Forest.

This really is a great time in the session to see the rewards the boys have gained in their activities.  I am really impressed with the skills these boys have picked up. Paddling a canoe is no small feat.  Not only do you have to figure out how all this paddle, boat, and buoyancy work together, but you also need to learn to communicate and work with another person!  It is truly an art and science wrapped into one.  I enjoy watching these guys put it all together, and look good doing it!

Also, if you have not been on our Facebook or Instagram Page, then you are missing out on some fun posts and videos.  Check it out and be sure to follow us! Speaking of videos. Below is another highlight reel from last week. We are certainly having a blast!

Your boys sure do make High Rocks a great place. We like to have more boys that are just like your sons. Remember, if you have any family friends in the area, the summer is the best time to see camp. Have them come by High Rocks to see it in action.   Send them to our tour page and we will take it from there.  We love to show off High Rocks!  Here is a link to the Tour Page. Only three full days of camp left!  Have a great night,


Today’s Pictures 

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