To “Clue” You In

It was Colonel Mustard at the climbing tower, with a swimming noodle…. No wait! It was Mr. Scarlet, with a gaga ball, down at the barn.

Tonight, our community was greeted at the dinner bell with a camp-sized game of Clue, replete with dinner theater and an all-camp who-dunnit hunt after the meal. Counselors were hidden about the property armed with various clues for those cabin groups that found them, culminating in the delightfully ridiculous accusations that the game is so well known for. Our special events coordinator, Kathleen Elliot, outdid herself (with lots of help) as the boys jumped feet first into the changed-up scene. Now, as they settle in for a deserved night’s sleep, they are still talking over possible permutations with laughs and yawns alike.

Before dinner, we had a gorgeous, sunny day to wrap up our second “work” week here on the mountain. Along with the warmth, today was also quite breezy which helped reveal a neat change from the beginning of camp. Our first Monday, which was also windy, the sailors on the lake were loving the action but it repeatedly got the best of them as they struggled with main sheets, tillers, communication, etc. Today, the teams of three were smooth out on the water, racing with the wind to lots of whoops, then tacking back against the breeze (expertly ducking the boom!) before repeating the process. The instruction and practice over the last two weeks was obvious in these two comparative moments, and it was just plain fun to watch.

Outside of the increasing expertise in camp, there were camper crews venturing forth to show off their skills in the surrounding area. Canoers busted out for a LONG day on the Chattooga Section 2, a beautiful river that keeps paddlers way back in the woods and feeling like they are the only souls around. The river is a series of rapids divided by lots of nearly-still pools of water perfect for a quick dip or swim to break up the hard work of paddling.

Mountain bikers assaulted DuPont for a spin on some dried out trails and climbers experienced one of the best summer days at Rumbling Bald that any of the instructors could remember. It was just one of those trips where everything clicked into place and, for whatever reason, no one else was there! A large group of excited campers cruised to the Western North Carolina Nature Center for a fun day checking out animals large and small. Wolves and bears were on the tour and the guys were psyched about the experience when they returned to camp.

Tomorrow looks to be another awesome mountain top day, and camp is gearing up for it currently by crawling into bunks with the weary looks of a camp day well spent. I hope you enjoy the pictures and we will see you back here after a good night’s sleep!

Today’s Pictures

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