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It is that time of the session when everyone is trying to squeeze out that last bit of joy from camp.  You can see it in the activities, the cabin, and even during the evening program.  The boys know the time is drawing near and there are only a few days left.  This time of the July session is particularly busy.  There are some many opportunities not only in activities but for other special events too!

I enjoy hearing what boys like most about camp from time to time.  I make a point of just asking them out of the blue to see what they say. Of course, you get different answers based on age and tenure here at High Rocks.  The youngest guys might come up with things “the food, dodgeball, or chill night.”   Today I had the chance to ask a few boys while I was giving a tour to a nice family from Cary, NC.   It was a mixed group of older and younger boys, but all we on at least their second year. I was impressed to hear things like “you’ll be nervous at first, but it’s the best part of my year.” I like High Rocks because it’s such a great community.” My favorite part of camp is all the friends I met here and only see at High Rocks.” It was so cool to listen to these boys tlk to our visiting family. The two young boys on the tour were very excited.

We are definitely in the “norming” part of our group process here at camp. The boys have learned how to work together, accept differences, and even realize that from time to time we all need help. Leaders are not always out in front, sometimes they need to let others earn their wings.  These boys surprise me every day with their thoughtfulness and their skill.  This immersion has created something new in these young men that we hope you will see at home.  I heard a second-year boy explain how there are just so many great things at camp every day that you can never be bored. It is all part of this 28-day expedition we call camp. These last few days are some of the best.

I tell parents that it’s not even fair sometimes.  You can never be as cool as our staff. One of the key reasons all of this works is because our camp staff is admired so much by these boys. It gives the staff a precise advantage to handle all that comes their way because the boys want to stay on their good side.  Adult mentors are an important part of every child’s life.  The important part to remember is that these mentors cannot be their parents. It’s that need to impress and desire, and to please these mentors that make it work.  It’s also the kind heart and the ability to expect a lot that adds to that dynamic. It’s a funny dynamic, but it sure is a whole lot more than soccer balls and canoes…  

What makes camp amazing is not just the adventure program but the fact that we are doing all of this away from our parents. Of course, the activities are incredible, but the process, the journey of what we call camp, is where the jewel is found.  While parents want to be the one to teach them everything, you can’t teach independence, you can only give it.  It is something first to experience, then to meld and mold into what it really means.  High Rocks is a great place to learn independence; from making a bed or making it to horseback riding on time.  Independence is found all through the day. Research shows that if we do not allow our children to solve their own problems then our children will begin to believe that they can not. Part of coming to a place like High Rocks allows for the separation for our children to learn just enough independence that requires them to figure it out without mom and dad around.

We had another banner day at The Rocks today.  Boys heading in all sorts of directions and many just enjoying the cool things they are doing in camp. We have a few more incredible days ahead!  Stay tuned.

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Our closing day tip for tonight:

If you plan on having your son’s trunk shipped home, please contact the UPS store in Brevard for details and payment.  You also need to let us know that you would like your trunk shipped.  We will deliver your trunk and/or duffel to the UPS Store in Brevard on closing day for shipment.

The UPS Store | Brevard
102 College Station Dr. Ste 3, Brevard, NC 28712
Phone: (828) 883-4701
Fax: (828) 883-4801
Email: store3439@theupsstore. com

Again, please contact our office (office@highrocks.com) if you decide to ship a trunk and/or duffel and we will deliver the item(s) to the UPS store after Closing Day.

Your boys sure do make High Rocks a great place. We like to have more boys that are just like your sons. Remember, if you have any family friends in the area, the summer is the best time to see camp. Have them come by High Rocks to see it in action.   Send them to our tour page and we will take it from there.  We love to show off High Rocks!  Here is a link to the Tour Page.

Have a fantastic evening!


Don Gentle

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