A Cool Breeze

Even though the cool front waited until the afternoon to start blowing through, with drying winds swinging around to the north and getting strong, our last Tuesday began cooler and rainy, which was a welcome change from the heat we were having—I know, 66° for a low doesn’t strike many of you as hot, but lots of running and exertion in the 80s feels mighty hot!

As usual, we didn’t miss a beat, either. The mountain bikers got their early start to DuPont, and the hikers took a group to Bridal Veil Falls, also in DuPont State Forest. Some of you may remember from “The Last of The Mohicans,” where our heroes unsuccessfully hid behind it. The real waterfall is just as beautiful but not that high!

This afternoon swimmers got a treat: tubing down a mild section of The French Broad. The wind kept them cool, and when the Minis from Lakeside and Flattop get back from their chill night, I suspect the “chill” will be more than a metaphor. For the second group of upper senior golfers, the evening was both chilly and relaxed fun. Much bragging to be heard about who hit the longest drives. The Chattooga River two-day canoe trip will get in pretty late, and I know they’ll go directly to bed and a well-deserved sleep.

The waning moon and the waxing katydids will make sure we all get a great night’s rest.

Today’s Pictures

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