Apocalypse Sunday

Our morning started with a nice sleep-in morning as the kitchen crew fried up some amazing scratch-made doughnuts. While some camps might get doughnuts delivered from the store, these were still warm on the pan and oozing with wonderful glaze.

I led the lakeside service for the boys with another one of our core messages. This time we talked about leadership. It was a great discussion and lesson on some key factors of leadership and what “camper leadership” might look like. In short, we covered some key traits of good leadership like empathy, passion, vulnerability, communication, teamwork, practice, and action. We talked about how leadership can be learned, but not taught. You can teach the boys these skills listed, but they must learn how it all works together.

The boys enjoyed a number of Sunday morning choice activities or just some in-activity for a bit. It was a wonderful morning to enjoy.

The afternoon was the big hit of the day with “Zombie Apocalypse!”  It all started with a small scenario about how the zombies have infiltrated camp and what the different teams can do to protect High Rocks from the zombie invasion!  As the boys sat quietly in the gym, their commander gave them the rundown about the impending doom. Camp High Rocks was the only human stronghold left and it was up to them to save humanity… Their mission was to fend off the zombies while other squads had to find the antidote. If you could only see their faces.

Campers only had their stinky sock balls to defend themselves against the zombies. As the skirmishes continued you could hear the new missions and orders given out to the various squad leaders over the radio. As the squelch of the radio sounded they all stopped and listened again to see how their comrades were fairing in the battle. You could hear the constant moan of the zombies in the distance. As the burgers started to grill in the background, it set a wonderful “fog of war” over Mystic Hill as the battle chugged on.

The humans and zombies had a good give and take as humans became zombies and then were cured.  The humans prevailed at the top of campfire hill in the end.  Camp High Rocks and humanity was safe again!

After a “shower hour” the boys enjoyed our weekly cookout on the lawn of wonderfully grilled burgers and dogs. We headed up the hill for our weekly campfire to relax for the evening, sing some songs, and listen to a story. I reminded the boys about the group of Mini II guys coming in tomorrow and how we needed to help them with “The High Rocks Way.” It was a great day.


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