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We get excited about Mondays around here! After a good day of rest, it is always great to get into the last week of the session. We had our typical early boys from climbing and canoeing up at the bell this morning. These two programs have the most trips out of camp and always try to get an early start. Our paddlers were heading out on a two-day trip that included some sections of the French Broad and the Chattooga Rivers.

Our choice period was rocking it today! down by the lake Zoob got a group of staff together to serve up some rootbeer floats on a hot summer day. The boys were very excited. It starts out as one of those “telephone” exercises I played as a child. The event is never announced. As the ice cream truck from days gone by, the “float mobile” just shows up down by the water’s edge. Word travels fast and quietly through camp. By the time it makes it down to the barn rumors have spread that Dolly’s Ice Cream is down at the lake. Kids are funny…

I took the opportunity to play some classic table games with the guys down in the game room. First, foosball. I felt pretty good given it was my first offering of the summer. Like any good camp director, you learn all sorts of skills with the job. I held my own and even taught the guys a few things while playing. Foosball is really a fun game. Like any great game, there is the constant banter back and forth about who is doing well and how cool the last move was. There is always a winner and a loser but you find the competition fun and rewarding whether you win or lose. What you really get out of it is some quality time with some cool guys. You even get to learn a few things about them along the way. As the game moved through its give and take, I found myself victorious but mostly satisfied with time well spent. I moved over to ping pong where there was a good game of “king of the court” going on. This is a great way to play a game where there are limited resources. It works very well for ping pong because a volley only lasts a short time. If you lose, you’re out. If you’re the king, you have to lose two rounds in a row before being unthroned. The opponents keep rolling through and everyone gets a chance to play. Kings come and go while the trash talk is constant and great plays are celebrated on both sides. Again, the loss is quick and fierce at times, but the game rolls on. You learn to celebrate each other’s success and failure together. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you step back and look at the dynamics, it incredible. The social skills build as do friendships. Conversations even continued to the dinner table about who was king the most, longest, best volley, that one cool move… We all laughed and carried on.

I like that we provide an opportunity for the boys to gather like this. I also like to think that we are giving the boys one more arrow in their quiver. Maybe when they head off to college, these simple table game skills will help them make new friends.

Tonight we had all sorts of options for our evening program. Part of the oldest age group visited our neighbors across the street for an evening of golf. They were super excited to break into groups of four and have a fun time trying their hand at the links. some guys have played many times before, others had never swung a club. Truth be told, it wasn’t about the golf. It was about being able to have a quiet evening with a few friends. I look forward to taking the other half of the upper seniors tomorrow night.

Other options tonight included a large group for dodgeball, three-ball soccer, and even board games. The most energetic group made their way out to the mud pit to dig for buried treasure. We will put some of those pictures up tomorrow.

We are looking forward to the cooling high-pressure system that will move in tomorrow until the end of the session. We will have lows in the upper 50’s and highs in the upper 70’s. There is a short video from some of last weeks action below. Check out last week’s highlight video!

Have a great night.


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