New Heights

It sure has been impressive what I have seen out of these boys in just over a week and a half. For most of camp, we are still getting started. On the other hand, those Mini I boys are just about to wrap it up. Our Mini I session is mostly first-time campers. These boys have had a whole lot thrown at them over the last week and a half. I enjoy seeing them get into the groove and figure it all out. Just showing up for most of these guys was probably a huge deal. Learning how to be part of the morning clean-up in the cabin and bringing the correct shoes to their activity is all part of the learning process. As a parent, I have to stop myself every time I want to help my daughters do something, especially if I know they can do it themselves.  The beauty of camp at a place like High Rocks is that these boys ARE doing a lot for themselves.  Sure it is a nurturing environment, and we provide purposeful opportunities for these guys to work it out on their own.

Speaking of these Mini I guys. They are all heading out with a bang! I saw Flattop on the High Ropes Course this morning. I witnessed several guys heading out on a French Broad canoeing trip. Finally, there was a number of Mini I guys on today’s Pilot Rock climbing trip! The crazy part is that tonight Lakeside and Flattop are also heading out for the evening “Chill Night!” These boys are hitting new heights every single day!!

Again, our four-week boys are just warming up. Their muscle memory has brought them up to speed fast. In contrast to the Mini I guys, there are only 3 first-year campers in the four-week session. Several of these boys started in one of our two-week sessions. They figured out the ropes in the shorter session and then decide they wanted a little more. Most of these guys have a sense about the day-to-day of camp, and they are able to focus their energies on some of the activities and skills. My hope is that some of the Mini guys find that desire just as our four-week boys have done.

It really was a fantastic day in and out of camp.  There are some great shots from the Nantahala River trip.  By the looks of it, I’m not sure they could have had a better time!  In camp, there was plenty happening as well.   I was impressed to see the Flattop boys come outside of their comfort zones, work through some fear, and also find the limit. It wasn’t easy, but they made it. A big part of the choice period has been the camper-counselor tennis tournament that is in play.  The boys have such a blast with this event that trickles along for the whole four-week session.

The joy just keeps happening every day!  I hope you all had as much fun, learning, excitement, and success as we did today!


Today’s Pictures

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