The Groundwork

Our first morning at camp! I think it is such a special moment to wake up to the cool mountains of North Carolina in the morning. I am always impressed by how quiet it is before the wake-up bell.

As we made our way through a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, fresh fruit, yogurt, grits, and assorted cereals, it was finally time for assembly!  The enthusiasm of the first assembly of the session is always wonderful!  We danced, sang, and bounced our way around the gym!  A great way to start the day!  

I enjoyed helping some of the new guys get off to their new activities as they set off for their own journey this morning. What also excited me was how much the other guys were willing to show the way as well. I have watched this first day of activities for twenty-five years!  I still try to get the boys moving to their activities on time, but they find adventure along the way; friends, snack, a camp dog, or just a daydream.  What I have come to learn is that it was never meant to be a straight line. It’s not how fast you get there. It’s what you do along the way…

I hope you all received my letter about your son’s activities. Many of the Mini I families may have received a couple versions after I was alerted about my mistake with a field from last year. Anyhow, we send out a lot of emails to keep you informed. Be sure to check your spam and add us as a safe sender if it is there.

It was a fantastic day as these boys made there way around camp and learned some new skills in their activities. These are the “groundwork” days where many of the boys will work on their muscle memory as the re-learn a skill they may not have used since they last left High Rocks. For the younger guys, they may be trying some of the activities for the very first time. Of course, we focus on fun, but we also work on our progression. We are of the mindset that it does not make sense to learn something unless you learn how to do it correctly. The “wee ha” is great, but the silent talents behind working a progression will take them places well beyond High Rocks. It was fun to see these guys hit the ground running.

Tonight several of our guys headed out for the first round of cabin overnights. A time-honored tradition of pita pizzas, campfire, and s’mores. It is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of our five open-air shelters that are out on the property. A short hike with just enough organizations to make it there and then the fun begins. I look forward to seeing them in the morning just before breakfast.

Other age groups took advantage of the wonderful evening we had to play kickball, dodge ball, a little time on the water slide, and even some canoe “fillups.” I met most of the guys up at snack as they slowly calmed down to a reasonable roar before heading back to their cabins to shower and settle in for the evening. Certainly, a solid day at Camp High Rocks.

Our first trips of the session head out tomorrow! It’s going to be amazing!

Have a great night. The boys are doing great!


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