Tie Dye Tuesday

Tuesday dawned cool and breezy before giving way to a gorgeous, hot summer day. It was clear of weather events and thusly was full of serious action throughout camp and beyond.

A load of boaters got out of camp EARLY on their way to the Nantahala river. It was a split mission with one group of guys fired up to run the river for a typical day on the water. The other part of the group signed up to compete in the Camp Cup races, a fun annual event where campers from a bunch of area camps meet for a friendly competition that also introduces them to the sport of whitewater slalom racing. Our guys returned dragging but with big smiles on their faces just a few minutes ago. I look forward to the stories from the experience as that style of paddling, and that level of river, can be eye-opening for our fellows.

Mountain bikers were working hard on trails in Dupont, here at camp, and getting their newest arrivals oriented to the sport out on our fields. Riders begin with the basics of safe positioning, braking, spacing, etc. before tackling the trails and our Mini II guys were eagerly moving through the initial skills.

Hikers had two different focuses today. An adventurous load of guys headed out for a full day of sky high views up on top of Black Balsam and Sam Knob. These peaks are tall enough to look down on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the amazing views you get above tree line. Not to mention that blueberries are a possibility up on the heights and I’ve never met a keener pack of hunters than four week campers well into their time at camp. In camp, in a parallel move, classes of hikers searched the further reaches of camp property for huckleberries specifically. Each class went on a different route so as to leave at least a few for the wild(er) animals that call High Rocks home.

Horseback riders are working on some fun skills now with so much time on a horse. Campers are cantering in the rings, going on field rides where you work through skills without the obvious guide of the fence, and preparing for a jump course next week by practicing jumping in the rings. Those three activities combined require a set of skills, and comfort, that are hard-earned and the riders are justifiably proud of their abilities. I look forward to seeing them get a taste of the cross-country course and the thrill that comes with you and a horse working together through a challenge like that.

Swimmers not only looked like they had chosen wisely today in the heat, but also took a tubing trip to the French Broad and basically loved life floating down a scenic stretch on tubes decorated like donuts with sprinkles. Not to be beat, our third age group of Foxhollow and Windswept headed off for their Chill Night loudly discussing the best flavor of ice cream at Dolly’s.

It was a good day all around. The skills being learnt by the four week campers are quite impressive at this stage, and the infusion of energy, excitement, and wonder of our new arrivals is a great combination. It always brings our community into immediate focus for me watching a veteran camper take the time to show a new guy the way to the barn, or explain the intricacies of gaga ball.

Below, please enjoy both the daily pictures and also the video of last week’s highlights. I hope you at home enjoy the same kind of well-earned sleep camp is heading towards at this very moment.

See you back here tomorrow and good night!

Today’s Pictures

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