A Case of the Camp Mondays

The “workweek” started here at High Rocks with a cool and cloudy morning. Seeing a young guy wearing sweatshirts to breakfast serves as a delightful reminder of how lucky we are to be living in place where that is comfortable at the start of August.

Breakfast was a typical offering of all kinds of cereals, eggs, hash browns, grits, fresh fruit and more. Also a reminder of how luck I am to enjoy a meal plan like this one during the season! Entering into our second week saw the dining hall bustling in a comfortable and sleepy way as the guys relaxed into their daily rhythm that is so comfortable now.

Things began to hop in assembly as our campers are beginning to sing some favorites extra loud while piecing together the newer tunes as they continue working their way through the song book. Then off to activities and trips they cruised. Another mark of the second week is how fast the fellas can get from point A to B using all of the shortcuts, while still managing to grab snack from the dining hall without missing a beat.

The canoers were cruising out of camp quickly with a morning and afternoon mission to the headwaters of the French Broad river. That section of water is custom made for our guys’ first time on moving whitewater and everyone is taking advantage of the opportunity. They also return with a new appreciation of all the strokes and instructions offered on lake!

Climbers were momentarily stymied by rock that had been drenched overnight, but were treated to a gorgeous afternoon for a follow-up trip. A bold group of hikers headed out for an overnight trip on the property this afternoon as well. With a thousand acres around main camp, the ability to adventure in the woods and feel totally removed from camp happenings is possible with nothing more than two feet and a direction. Glancing out of the window as I write this, the overnighters are enjoying a beautiful sunset to go along with their campfire, s’mores, and I’m sure, some mafia to round things out.

In camp, guys were busily going about their day with the normal chatter and excitements. Horseback riders were practicing keeping their steeds on the outer rail, trotting, and even trotting over poles as well. Sailors were confidently rigging their own boats with the muscle memory gained over the course of last week and were having a blast on (and at times, in) the water. Fishermen were using a blend of poles and hand lines to work the shores and dock. Our brim were only too eager to engage with them while the bass continue to prove elusively frustrating/enticing. 

Under the gym, campers have shifted from pottery to the crafts portion of their session without missing a beat. Tennis was working the courts and focusing repetitions of their forehands and backhands. Soccer was practicing some shots on Coach Ed as the boys tried to shoot for the corners, thus making life hard on the goalkeepers. 

After a fun and active day, tonight offered up a welcome break for guys who were feeling like they deserved to shower early, kick back with some popcorn, and watch Ratatouille before heading off to bed. It always amazes me how fast the boys can move and the dining hall can get clean with some proper motivation is dangled in front of them!

Our closing day tip for tonight:
If you plan on having your son’s trunk shipped home, please contact the UPS store in Brevard for details and payment.  You also need to let us know that you would like your trunk shipped.  We will deliver your trunk and/or duffel to the UPS Store in Brevard on closing day for shipment.

The UPS Store | Brevard
102 College Station Dr. Ste 3, Brevard, NC 28712
Phone: (828) 883-4701
Fax: (828) 883-4801
Email: store3439@theupsstore. com

Again, please contact our office (office@highrocks.com) if you decide to ship a trunk and/or duffel and we will deliver the item(s) to the UPS store after Closing Day.

Please enjoy the pictures from the day and also make sure to check out the video highlights from last week below! See you back here tomorrow and have a great night.

Woody Noland
Today’s Pictures 

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