Which Session is Right for You? Finding The Right Fit.

Each of our summer camp sessions has unique attributes and advantages.  Sessions range from one to four weeks to fit your family’s summer calendar and goals for camp. Wondering which session is right for you? Keep reading! This is perhaps the most common questions parents have about summer camp. We understand how important finding the right fit and session for your family is.

Included In All Sessions

In every session, your camper will stay in a cabin with 4-6 new friends. New campers attend all of our sessions. Each session will have over 14 activities options. During each session, campers will go on an out of camp trip to Sliding Rock and the famous Dolly’s Ice cream shop. On Sunday evenings, all of camp gathers around the campfire to sing to songs and a campfire story. In all sessions, campers work on their resilience, friendship building skills, self-confidence, and independence along with having fun!

Your Camper’s Goals Are Important

When choosing a length, consider what a successful camp experience will be for your child (and you!). A few of our goals for your camper include building independence, gaining leadership skills, growing resilience, and learning how to make new friends. When considering the right length, focus on what length will help your camper accomplish their (and your) goals. The right goal for your camper could be, “going on a three-day hiking trip”, “sleeping away for an extended time”, or “get comfortable making new friends”.

Junior Camp – One Week

Junior Camp – Current 1st through 4th graders

Designed for current 1st through 4th graders, Junior Camp focus on younger campers. A perfect opportunity to experience sleep-away camp for the first time. The goal of this session is building confidence away from home, learning about camp, and having fun!

We have found camp friendships can form remarkably quickly, in even just one week! Living in a cabin with up to 6 other boys means friends are built-in. Unlike our other sessions, boys will move as a cabin group getting to sample our activities. The Junior Camp has fewer campers and a simpler schedule that allows us to really focus our junior campers who are often a little more hesitant about camp.

August & Mini Session – Two Week

August Session – Current 1st through 7th graders
Mini Session – Current 2nd through 5th graders

Both sessions the August Session and our Mini Session are often perfect fits for a camper excited to take on camp but isn’t quite yet ready for our longer sessions. Two Weeks can be an ideal time for boys who have other summer obligations and still want to fit camp in. Two Weeks is a whirlwind of fun with enough time to foster friendships and build a base level of skills in activities. While still a shorter session length, boys get an extra week to “settle in” and get comfortable at camp.

June – Three Week

June Session – Current 1st through 10th graders

The Three Week is the best way to start your summer! Many campers choose the Three Week (or Four Week) as their next step after attending shorter sessions. The goals of this session for many campers shifts to building stronger friendships, advanced skills, and self-confidence. Campers have more opportunities to develop activity skills that lead to advanced and longer trips. For current 8th, 9th, and 10th graders, the Three Week has a strong leadership component through our Upper Senior Program. This session is excellent for campers ready to spend more time at camp trying new activities.

July – Four Week

July Session – Current 3rd through 10th graders

Our Four Week session is an immersive longer session that allows for campers to truly experience it all. Campers have the opportunity to get everything they want out of summer camp – from getting into a kayak to going on an advanced mountain biking trip in Dupont. If you want to maximize fun and adventure, the four-week session is for you. In four weeks, you can settle into camp building more advanced skills, lifetime friendships, and choose longer camp trips. We like to think of July as a one-month long camp celebration! For our current 8th, 9th, and 10th graders, the Four Week is an opportunity to build leadership skills while going through our Upper Senior Program.

Finding Your Fit

Regardless of the session you choose, your camper will find fun, adventure, and friends. We encourage when asking “What session is right for my child”, go back to your goals and his goals for the summer. If you have questions about which session fits well for your son, we would love to chat more! Call us at (828)885-2153.

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