June Session

Our three-week session in June is a great way to kick off the summer! Our June session has loads of opportunities for your son.

  • For many, this session is a great place to jump right into camp. It has more advancement available and far more trips out of camp than our two-week session. The additional week over the two-week sessions offers a lot more opportunities in activities and numerous events.
  • Our June session is also a great advancement from one of our 2-week mini or August sessions for the same reasons above.  The boys will have a few more activities available to them, but more importantly more opportunity to advance.
  • Our June Session has the biggest age diversity offering 1st through 10th grade. Each cabin still has boys of the same grade and each age group is made up of two grades. It’s a great session that will grow with your son.
  • Three weeks also allows for more time with friends and a number of more all-camp special events.
  • The June session also has great leadership opportunities for boys in the 8th – 10th grade age groups.  These boys have the opportunity to get out on more trips and learn some leadership in these activities as well as other places around camp. 
  • Please see our special note for campers who are in 8th grade or higher and 14 years of age. Upper Senior Details
  • If you are applying for as counselor Aide/Upper Senior (currently in 10th grade and 15) please look over these details regarding the  Role of a Counselor Aide.

As with all of our sessions, we strive to focus on the individual and work on his goals.  All of the activities are available to all ages. The advancement is based on their skill and not their age.

We work hard to have a diverse group of boys. While many come from Southeastern and mid-Atlantic cities, we have boys from all over the U.S. and a few from other countries. We do this by limiting the number of boys in a cabin from the same school or city.  We want summer camp to be unique and not just an extension of friends from their local school.  It would be very easy for us to be “Camp Atlanta” or “Camp Charlotte” like many of our peers, but we work hard on our registration so that we have a well-rounded group of boys from all over.

Our program also allows the boys to do the activities they choose nearly every day.  If they choose rock climbing as an activity, they get to do it every day.  This is not so for other camps where the “adventure” component is more of a “wee ha.” Here at Camp High Rocks they actually build skills and advance in these activities.  These skills carry over to other athletics and activities.

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