Camp High Rocks summer camp in the North Carolina Mountains

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1976 - 1980


More pictures from '76, '77, '78, '79, '80

Jack McCallie provided more pictures from 1974 - 1976 boys camp



1977 (boy's camp)- Our one and only hike to Dismal Falls, which is a spectacular place despite its name.


1978 (b)- July 4th teams were Robin Hood vs. King Arthur.


  • The infamous year when the lake bed was dry while they were working on repairing the the dam. In boys' camp we used the pond below the barn for some swimming, and went to Stone's Lake across 276 for canoeing and other swimming. This year did, however, spawn the Regatta, with the first one held in the stream that flowed through the bottom of the lake bed. The lake was beginning to fill during girls' camp and things returned to normal one August evening when Mr. Will finally heard the sound of water cascading on the far end of the spillway.
  • July 4th teams were Star Wars: Empire vs. Luke and friends. [what's their name?]- Martin Schmidt


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