AUTHOR: Dan Noland

A Cool Breeze

Even though the cool front waited until the afternoon to start blowing through, with drying winds swinging around to the north and getting strong, our last Tuesday began cooler and rainy, which was a welcome change from the heat we … »

Sounds of Fun

The last few days have been hot (for us, 82°) and muggy, but that hasn’t slowed things down at all. In fact, it has inspired plenty of fun and excitement, especially around the water! The French Broad overnight paddlers got … »

Point and Counterpoint

Days at High Rocks have a typical rhythm that everyone falls into and delights in: We wake up, clean up, eat breakfast, go to assembly, a morning full of activities, have some free time, then lunch time, rest time, afternoon … »

The Sounds of Summer

Today actually began last night, after lights out, when a mesmerizing series of thunderous storms huffed and puffed through Cedar Mountain, dropping four inches of rain in just over an hour! At wake-up bell, the sky was again calm, the … »

And Then There Were Three

…days left in this session after today, that is. With all that goes on around here, it’s amazing how quickly time passes. I’ve heard more than a few guys talking about next summer already. But we are far from done. … »

Filling Up

Today began cool (63°), cloudy and, as usual for trips, before the wake-up bell for climbers, soon after for mountain bikers and hikers.  The youngest hikers were still out on their overnight, but they got back tired, happy, and dirty … »

Sun Plus Water Equals Fun!

Today opened calm, mild and muggy, with most of us (but not our newest campers) sound asleep until the wake-up bell rang out across the lake, the signal for early risers to eat quickly and get out on their canoe … »

Hard to Rein Them In!

Our second Tuesday of the session began in that same cool, happy fashion that the last few days have been greeted with. To my mind, the perfect mountain day begins with that morning wake up in which you have a … »

Mud Galore

Today began rather normally, with scrambled eggs, buttermilk biscuits, grits and gravy, sausage, cereals and an enormous bowl of blackberries and blueberries for breakfast. What a feast! The dining hall was full of tie-dyed tee shirts, since this is Tie-Dye … »

Half Way Today!

When we realized at breakfast that today we are halfway through the session, neither staff nor campers could believe it. The only thing keeping us from being a tad sad about that is just how busy we are. A Green … »