Just What We Needed

Now that the dust has settled and we have all had some time to think about the summer that was 2021, I can’t help but relive a flurry of emotions.  It was incredible seeing Camp High Rocks alive again!  The … »

The Best Time Ever!

Time sure flies in just one week.  I know you are excited to see your boys, but it seems like they only arrived yesterday.  The boys wandered in this morning with a wonderful greasy, ashen, marshmallow look about them. I … »

Cabin Overnights

It was another fantastic day at High Rocks! The boys are still working hard to make it to breakfast on time, but that means they are working hard with their cabin clean-up. It was fun to see Windswept I get … »

Just Two Days Left

It is a true adventure here every day.  Some of the time just getting ready for the day is an adventure.  I enjoyed cruising through the cabins during clean-up time this morning. Many of the young guys are doing their best … »

Wake Up With High Rocks!

It sure was fun waking up to a whole new group of excited boys! I love the mornings up here on the mountain.  The nice cool air, and the calm.  Once that bell rings, it is off and running.  I … »

Welcome Junior Campers!

I hope the drop-off was a smooth for you as it was for us! It was great to meet all of you this morning! We hope this is the first stop on a long adventure with High Rocks! What an … »

The Time of Their Lives

Time sure flies in just two weeks.  I know you are excited to see your boys, but it seems like they only arrived yesterday.  After a fun morning of some activity wrap-up, pony painting, and general excitement, we took a brief … »

Wish Night

Love the mornings at High Rocks! The cool mountain air as the sun comes up and a warm cup of coffee is pure magic.  I get up early and go to bed late.  I try to enjoy a moment or … »

Best Day Yet!

Another cool day on the mountain here at High Rocks.  It has been perfect “athletic” weather this week. I love the cool mountain air!  The low almost dipped into the 50s and the high today was maybe 70. It was … »