2018 Video Highlights

Here it is folks, what you have been waiting for all week! We are happy to show you highlights from this summer. Can you spot yourself or some of your cabin mates?  We are excited to be less than 200 … »

Start the Morning Right!

Now that we are back in the groove from what was probably a multi-week break from school, it is a great time to create a little change in your kids morning routine. If you are like our family, not every … »

The Time of Their Life

Time sure flies in just two weeks.  I know you are excited to see your boys, but it seems like they only arrived yesterday.  After a fun morning of some activity wrap-up, pony painting, and general excitement, we took a brief … »

It’s Getting Close!

Today was our last full day of activities.  We still had several trips out on the French Broad, the high ropes course, a mountain bike trip to DuPont, and up to our High Rocks Boulders for climbing.  The sun was … »

It Sure is Fun, And Way More…

The warm summer morning was awesome.  A group of guys from the hill were heading out for a “river snorkeling” trip this morning, so they were up early and coming down the hill just as I was heading to my … »

Sunday -Friends and MUD

So Sunday’s at camp are always a little different.  We like to slow down a bit, think about the week we just completed, and ponder on the week ahead.  This morning was definitely that kind of morning. There was a … »

The Only Saturday

It’s hard to believe we are hitting our only real Saturday of the session.  We were blessed with a full day of sunshine, mild weather, and the delight of Camp High Rocks’ 1100-acre wood.  If you couldn’t tell from the pictures, … »

You Can’t Slow us Down

Nothing like a warm fire in the dining hall on a cool mountain morning. As a walked up to the dining hall this morning I could already smell the wood burning from the fireplace.  I took just a few moments … »