Fun Is Just Part of It

While the rain was in and out throughout the day, it didn’t stop any of our fun.  We just played in the rain for some of it, but really it was mostly just a few showers here and there.  Most of … »

Looking Good Since 1958

For years down at the paddling docks, there has been a constant theme of what was most important.  It was looking good, of course.  It was the sort of banter you might find when you gather a bunch of guys … »

Upper Senior Challenge Sunday

Sunday’s are special here at High Rocks.  We want to be sure the boys have some time for reflection and to change it up a little bit.  Rest is important.  We give the boys an extra thirty minutes to sleep in on … »

The Last Saturday

Wow! What a beautiful day!  Blue skies with just enough clouds to make it pretty.  I love Saturday mornings because it is one of the few mornings we do not have an executive team meeting.  It allows me to enjoy … »

We Can Sleep After Camp is Over

It was another busy day out of the blocks this morning.  Our climbers helped us out with the wake-up bell since they were looking for an early start. There was a group of boys headed out for a two-day climbing … »

Waikiki Wednesday!

It sure was fun to see so many Hawaiian-themed shirts today.  Waikiki Wednesday is so much fun! I so like how those shirts really look great in the pictures. The Mini Men continued through their activity journey today as they … »

Morning Wake-Up!

As you can imagine, most of these mini men were likely up well before the bell as they ambitiously waited for the sun to come up and the day to begin. Once they settle into the expedition of camp, the … »