Happy Friday!

Spring is here at High Rocks, and we are glad!  The days are warmer and longer, the frogs are peeping in the trees, and wild violets festoon the grounds at camp like purple sprinkles on a verdant cupcake!  We’ve been hard at … »

Career Counseling

Winter lingers on the lake’s frozen circumference and hangs heavy in dawn’s icy branches.  Departing my car for the office each morning I can’t fail to notice that the gravel of the parking lot, typically crunchy and fluid under my footsteps, is a … »

Top Five for Fall Camp

Whoa!  Camp is officially empty for the first time since May.  And although a torrential downpour is currently ripping fall’s festive color from the trees, this is still a spectacular time of year to be in Western NC.  No matter … »

Happy Fall, Y’all

I know I’ve missed the “official” start to fall by about a week, but to me autumn doesn’t begin in earnest until October first.  I fancy Labor Day the end of summer and fall’s commencement today.  Everything in between is a delightful … »

Full to the Brim

Today’s Pictures Meals are a key indicator of camp’s overall mood and pace and tonight proved no exception.  We spend relatively little time gathered in one area as a single corpus, so taking a meal together is a delightful time to … »

Strutting in Stride

Today’s Pictures As I packed for today’s river trip before the wake-up bell I felt alone at camp.  Among the cabins, yesterday’s anxious, anticipatory rustling was replaced by the blissful silence of campers clinging to each possible second of sleep.  Naturally, … »

Do We Have to Go Home?

Today’s Pictures Today is the last day of our typical activity schedule, and now it draws to a close.  As usual we sent trips out and welcomed them home.  We tied lanyards, sanded rough corners, and played card games.  After … »

Hump Day!

Today’s Pictures While I enjoy every opportunity I get to write, I won’t pretend for a second that I would rather be here in the office than joining the fellas in evening activity tonight.  After bbq chicken, fixings, salad, and … »

First Falls

Soon, maybe I’ll discuss something other than paddling on the blog.  Not that other subjects aren’t worthy or interesting, but right now there’s too much good news from the waterfront to keep to myself… Miller Kadarabek had another great weekend … »