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Working the Progression

Sometimes we are reminded that these mountains are part of a temperant rain forest.  It allows us to paddle all summer, keeps the trees and grass green without ever watering, and provides for delightful sunsets.  While it did rain today, … »

An Action-Packed Week

Pictures from July 9, 2012 (password required) An absolutely beautiful morning ushered in the start of this second week and saw a marked increase in the level of out-of-camp activity for today. Now that a foundation has been laid, campers … »

Making Each Day Count

Pictures from June 25, 2012 (password required) Our last Monday of the Three Week session had a little something special tossed into the normal hectic day. Sure, the weather was gorgeous and sunny with a light breeze keeping everything just … »

Has It Been Five Days Already?

Pictures from June 14, 2012 (password required) I can’t believe it is Thursday, which I am certain many of the boys are completely unaware of the day of the week.  They have focused their attention on all things camp related … »

The First Trips of the Season!

Pictures from June 13, 2012 (password required) What a great day at camp!  We woke up to an awesome sunrise with glimpses of campers in the distance as the first cabin overnights returned to main camp this morning!  It’s pretty … »

Sweet Morning Sunshine!!!

Pictures from June 12, 2012  (password required) When the wakeup bell sounded, followed by a live rendition of reveille, this morning, we were all greeted by the welcome warmth of a bright sun in the sky! Though not everyone sprang … »

First Full Day!!

Pictures from June 11, 2012 (password required) After an amazing opening day despite the weather, a little more rain did not even begin to slow down our camp crew. This being the first full day in their chosen activities, the campers were … »

The First Day of Spring!!

Although winter never really set in this year and we have been in shorts for several weeks… today heralds the Vernal Equinox, or the first day of Spring for the northern hemisphere. Equinox translates into “equal night” and signifies the position … »

Cabin Overnights are in Full Swing

Pictures from July 29, 2010 (password required) I enjoy our morning assembly.  We sing fun songs and hear cabin inspection results.  I particularly enjoy some of our motion songs.  I like to lead the song “My Bonnie” with the twist of … »