What They Become

Today’s Pictures We are so fortunate to have many of our campers come back as staff.  It is not a path for every camper, but the young men that we have back to mentor our boys really impress me.  I … »

Career Counseling

Winter lingers on the lake’s frozen circumference and hangs heavy in dawn’s icy branches.  Departing my car for the office each morning I can’t fail to notice that the gravel of the parking lot, typically crunchy and fluid under my footsteps, is a … »

A Year for the Record Books

As 2013 culminates in celebrations of family, friends, and holiday cheer, it is only natural to think back on all the experiences of the previous year while anticipating the new and unknown of the next. Camp High Rocks has such … »

The Big “D”

Camp is almost here!! It is always amazing how fast spring whips by, but in just over a month… Campers arrive! There is a level of excitement here at High Rocks to have that life come flooding back onto the … »

Happy 2013!!

Hard to believe but 2013 is here! It began a little cold and rainy here on the mountain, but High Rocks alum seem to have found some excellent ways to welcome the new year. Reports from the beaches in Florida, … »

Southern Wedding in Savannah

A longtime High Rocks camper/counselor was married in a beautiful ceremony on May 14th in Savannah, GA.  Chris Bankoff (89-95, 01-04) wed Ananda Reavis in front of a crowd that was packed full of High Rocks campers, staff, alumni, and even a … »

Race to the Top!

                                  Two weekends ago, I found myself in Charlotte in support of our county’s travelling volleyball club as they battled it out in the Regional Tournament. … »

The First Day of Spring!!

Although winter never really set in this year and we have been in shorts for several weeks… today heralds the Vernal Equinox, or the first day of Spring for the northern hemisphere. Equinox translates into “equal night” and signifies the position … »

UNC & High Rocks

After completing the Krispy Kreme Challenge at NC State the last thing we wanted to do was hop back in the car for a 4 hour drive. What better way to burn off 12 donuts consumed in less than 10 … »