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Is My Child Ready for Camp?

Is your child ready for camp? Gauge your child’s readiness to attend overnight summer camp by answering these questions. Bob Ditter, child therapist and camp consultant, says that camp is “life experience with training wheels.” While not every answer has … »

First Friday!

I am so impressed by the quiet of the morning. There are typically a few staff out exercising or taking in some quiet time, but for the most part, it is still.   I like to take a few minutes on … »

Too Much Content Not Enough Contact

There are far too many articles out there about the effects of screen time on children.  I have even listed a few below if you need some reminders.  What we are beginning to understand about screen time and technology is that, … »

Don’t Sweat the Fun

Today’s Pictures (Here is last night’s post! Thanks again for the consideration.  It looks like we were able to sort out all this crazy internet world.  I hope you enjoy the effort. -Don) It’s hard to believe we have just … »

In The Stretch

Today’s Pictures The last week of camp is always a bit bittersweet. Not that things have slowed down! Well before breakfast, a group of climbers left for a three-day trip Hidden Valley. I’d explain where that wonderful sandstone band cliff is, but … »

We Love Mondays

Today’s Pictures After a restful Sunday, it is always great to get back into the rhythm of a normal schedule again.  Boys were up early and heading in all sorts of directions today.  Even several mini boys were heading out … »

THE Best Saturday!

Today’s Pictures Saturdays are always great, but today was fantastic. Particularly for our four-week boys, the weekends are a great time to catch back up with everyone. Some of these guys miss several activities during the week because of trips … »

Mile Markers

Today’s Pictures The day itself felt like a typical camp day. The morning was cool enough for some jackets to be worn, with the sun quickly warming up camp to the point that those at free time happily jumped in … »