2022 Health Guidelines

As the camp season is fast approaching, we want to share our current plans for Summer 2022. You will see below that our current updated Covid-19 plan takes in to account the overall improvement in circumstances such as vaccination rates, milder variants and low case numbers. Significant improvements or setbacks with COVID-19 case levels, or changes in guidance from local and state authorities could result in a corresponding easing or tightening of our procedures.

Our community’s safety will be at the forefront of all decisions. In preparations for an amazing summer, we will continue to rely on our partnership with our camp families.  What became most clear to us after operating last summer is that a healthy camp starts at home!

Health Monitoring Form

All campers must complete a 7-day Pre-Camp Health Monitoring Form. The form will be turned in upon your arrival to camp. The form will be emailed and mailed out prior to your Opening Day.

Download the Pre-Camp Health Monitoring Form Here.

Pre-Camp Behaviors

In order to run programming that allows for a great deal of camper choice and to continue to build upon the successful mitigation of COVID-19 we had in 2021, we ask that you amend your family behaviors the week prior to arrival. Please engage in low-risk behaviors only. We want your camper to stay at camp! Please do your best to follow the pre-camp behaviors below. Your pre-camp behaviors are one of the biggest keys to success.

  • Avoid close contact situations such as sleepovers, indoor parties, gatherings with non-family members, etc. 
  • Choose to dine outside or carry out when going to restaurants.
  • Do not attend indoor sporting events, tournaments, or concerts – choose outside options.
  • If attending an indoor event like graduation, please mask indoors.
  • Monitor community levels and adjust behavior if case levels increase.
  • If flying to camp, remain masked throughout the trip. We will still ask that all campers flying wear their mask even though it is not currently required.

Pre-Camp Testing – Required for ALL campers

(Updated 6/28/22): We will be requiring TWO tests prior to arrival. Please see the updated information below. (1) PCR or NAAT Test – 72 Hours prior to Opening Day and (2) Rapid, Antigen Test Morning of Arrival

1) FIRST TEST: PCR or NAAT – 72 Hour prior to Opening Day

We will require proof of a lab certified negative PCR or NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test) regardless of vaccination status. The test must be administered no more than 72 hours prior to Opening Day and have a lab certified result.* (Please see note below for campers who have tested positive within 90 days of the start or their session)

Please print these results and highlight or circle: Camper’s Name, Date of Test, Type of Test, and Result. This will help speed up your check in process. If your results do not have this information, we will be unable to let you enter camp. 

2) SECOND TEST: Rapid, Antigen – Morning of Opening Day

We have added another COVID-19 precaution to our pre-camp protocols. Now, in addition to the PCR or NAAT test taken 72hrs prior to Opening Day, we ask that all campers perform a rapid antigen, at-home test the morning they arrive at camp.

Please bring a photo of the results with you to Opening Day. For this test result, you will simply show us on your phone (no need to print it).  This extra test is intended to catch any infection that may have occurred between the PCR or NAAT test and the arrival at camp. This test is required for ALL Campers regardless of a positive Covid test in the past 90 days.


For campers who have already had COVID-19 within 90 days of the start of their session, per CDC guidelines, do not need a PCR/NAAT test prior to arrival. You must bring a copy of their positive COVID-19 test results with you on Opening Day. AND you will need a rapid, antigen test the morning prior to your arrival which is the second test above. Without the positive test results and photo of his at-home, rapid test, your camper will not be admitted into camp. Please let us know prior to camp if your camper has tested positive in the past 90 days. Your camper will still need to fill out the Health Monitoring Form.

Dates for Positive Covid-19 Testing Exemption: 
June Three Week- March 7th or later
July Four Week/ Mini I – March 29th or later
Mini II – April 12th or later
Two Week – April 26th or later
Junior Camp – May 10th or later

NAAT Testing Option: Walgreens – Rapid NAAT Test

Many Walgreens now have a rapid NAAT test which is acceptable for your first test. Turn around time is roughly 2 hours. Many Walgreens tests will go through your insurance or should be free for those who are uninsured. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment. This is a great option for families!

Link to Walgreens COVID Testing: https://www.walgreens.com/findcare/covid19/testing?ban=covid_vanity_testing

Pre-Camp Positive Test Result

If your camper tests positive within 10 days or less of their Opening Day, please contact camp immediately to discuss testing strategy and new arrival times.

If anyone in your family or another close contact tests positive within 10 days or less of your camper’s Opening Day, please contact camp immediately to discuss testing and arrival dates.


Camp High Rocks is highly encouraging all campers to be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination prior to arrival. While we are not requiring vaccines for campers, we believe the more vaccinated our camper population the healthier we will be. Vaccines have been shown to slow the transmission and lessen the severity of cases. Please consult with your physician.


We expect that our pre-camp procedures and our families adherence to them will allow camp to remain mask-optional. This could change depending on state guidance and changes in infection rates and/or community levels.  We are asking all campers to pack 10 disposable masks in the event there is an increase in masking requirements.


We anticipate with the increased level of vaccinations and partnerships with our families on pre-camp protocols that we will be able to offer a program that allows for campers to choose their activities at the beginning of camp.  Campers will eat with their age group at meals.  Large group gatherings will take place outside or in the open air gym.  If community levels rise or we experience positive COVID-19 cases in camp we will make adaptations to minimize potential spread.

Opening Day

Campers will be assigned to time slots between 8:45am and 1:00pm. Mini II and Junior Campers will be assigned between 9:30 and 11:30am. While Opening Day will be modified, we are excited to announce families will be able to walk to their camper’s cabin and meet his counselor outside the cabin. Families will not be allowed in the cabin. Our check-in station and nurse station will continue to be drive-thru prior to parking. We anticipate a fully outside Opening Day procedure that allows for masks to be optional. If community levels rise, we may ask families to mask up.

More details will be sent prior to your camper’s arrival. We will email out assigned times one month in advance of your session.

Closing Day

Families are welcome to arrive anytime between 9:15am and 12:00pm. Mini I and Junior Campers may arrive between 10:00 and 11:00am. Check-out, medications, & trunk pick up will be drive-thru stations. Once you have completed each station, you will be directed to park and walk to your camper’s cabin. Campers will be waiting at their cabin for pickup. Families will remain outside of the cabin. More details will be sent prior to closing day.

We ask that any families who have been sick, exposed to COVID, or who are experiencing any COVID symptoms, please get in contact with our office for an Express Pick-Up option on Closing Day. This will help keep our counselors healthy as they prepare for the next session.

Positive Case

If campers at any time during the session have COVID-19 indicating symptoms they will be tested using a rapid test and/or a PCR test. 

If a camper tests positive or is suspected to have COVID-19, he will be isolated in the care of our health center staff. We will call their family and ask that they be picked up within 24 hours. For families coming from farther away, we understand 24 hours might not be enough time. We will work with you to arrange a suitable time for pickup in the event it is needed.

Work in Progress

All of these considerations are subject to change. This is a snapshot of our thinking if we were to open camp today, based on what we know now from science and best practices. Modifications will be based on community levels, current and relevant scientific research, CDC, state, and local guidelines. Significant improvements or setbacks with COVID-19 case levels could result in a corresponding easing or tightening of our procedures. Our community’s safety will be at the forefront of all decisions.

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