Is cancellation or “camp” insurance available?

There are a number of companies that offer “camp insurance” in the event you need to cancel for an unexpected reason. Most of the time this is referred to as “trip insurance.” In order to be protected, you typically need to sign up for that 60-90 days before camp begins. Note that the “cancel for any reason” policy or option typically requires you to sign up for the policy at or before the time for your first payment. However, it appears that both of these policies would cover COVID sickness without the cancel for any reason. Please check to be certain these work for your situation. You can find a number of different companies online or ask your insurance agent. Two of the more reasonable companies are called TravMark and Travel Insured. They seem to have acceptable terms and decent rates. It is important to read the “fine print” if you elect to sign up for the plan to understand any limitations and how to document in the event of a claim


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