Pre-Camp Preparation

A healthy camp begins at home! We are asking our camp families to be partners with us in helping start each session with a healthy group of campers. What you do before camp will contribute to our success this summer.

  • We ask you to symptom monitor 10 days prior to camp through our “Health Monitoring Form”.
  • We ask that campers engage only in low risk behaviors to limit their exposure 10 days prior to camp.  Campers will need to limit exposure to others and avoid large gatherings where mask wearing and social distancing are not enforced (ie graduations and graduation parties, weddings, year-end parties, sleepovers, sports tournaments etc.)
  • Demonstrate a negative COVID PCR test conducted 3 -5 days prior to arrival, proof of COVID-19 diagnosis >13 days prior to camp or proof of vaccination.  See our COVID Testing section for information. 

Health Monitoring Form 

10 Days before the start of your son’s session, we ask that you fill out a Health Monitoring Form. On the form, you will record his temperature, monitor his daily symptoms, explain any exposure to COVID during that period, and answer a few follow-up health questions. This MUST be turned in on opening day.  You can download the form here.

Low Risk Behaviors
Please start the using low risk behaviors 10 days prior to the start of your session. Campers will need to limit exposure to others and avoid gatherings where mask wearing, and social distancing are not enforced. To protect your camper and help us start camp healthy, we are encouraging family members to avoid these settings and situations as well. 

Please do not attend:

  • Graduations and graduation parties
  • Weddings
  • Year-end parties
  • Sleepovers or play dates with friends.
  • Sports tournaments
  • Large or Medium Gatherings
  • Gatherings with non-household members.

Please continue to follow masking and distancing guidance. We are relying on our camp families to join us in using low risk behaviors. Helping us start each session healthy is key to running camp this summer. Please take that in mind as you decide what activities to partake in prior to your son’s arrival. Please consider whether it would be worth it for your son to bring COVID to camp and then have to go home. Your actions will affect your son, his cabin, and camp as a whole. If you have questions about a certain activity, please get in touch with us.


PCR Testing Prior To Arrival

Please see our COVID Testing section below for more information regarding.  


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