Community at camp will continue to be at the core of everything we do. For safety, group interactions among our camp community will look a little different. We are planning modified schedules that still allow for some choice but reduce cross household interactions.

•  Households will consist of campers and staff from both sides of a cabin building (ex: Lakeside 1 and 2). When solely with their households (ex: in their cabin or in the gym), campers and staff do not need to wear face masks.  Households will participate in activities together for the first week of camp.

Neighborhoods will consist of two to three households. While in Neighborhood groups for things such as assembly, dining, or campfire, we will observe at least two of our guiding principles (see below). As of now, we are planning that neighborhoods will attend activities together after the first week. This is distinct from our regular activity schedule. Rather than each camper having a custom schedule, they will choose between several options available to their neighborhood each period. Over the course of a session, campers will have access to all of our activity offerings.

Trips out of camp will be done within Neighborhoods.  Masks will be worn while in vans.


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