Below are the descriptions of the different locations at Camp High Rocks where you can enjoy your stay. We have three cabin options and one house for rent. Once you find a location you like, you can make your selection on the registration form. We suggest asking your camper, what his favorite cabin is, then check and see if it is still available!

Private House

House on the Hill – $2900/wk, $2300/wknd

Situated up on campfire hill, this secluded house has 6 private bedrooms each with two twin beds. There are four full bathrooms. House on the Hill has a small living room with chairs, a couch, and a small table. In the living room, there is a small kitchenette with a sink, microwave, and full refrigerator/freezer. Laundry is available along with high-speed Internet for working from camp or a quick phone call to the grandparents. Large back deck with lake and mountain view. We believe the best view of the sunset in main camp! Price includes occupancy for 6. It can hold up to 11 people with additional guests at $200 each.


Our cabins are each set up as a duplex unit. One building is actually two individual units. The price of a cabin includes both sides. Selecting a cabin actually gives you two rooms!

  • Two full private bathrooms with hot showers.
  • Plenty of Beds. Usually three to four bunk beds on each side and an additional single bed on each side.
  • 4-6 chairs for hanging out on the porch or inside.
  • Cubbies for storing your items.
  • Overhead lighting and limited electrical outlets.
  • Laundry drying lines outside.

While we take care of giving you the best possible experience here at High Rocks, it is important to understand that our cabins are rustic. They are mostly open-air with no additional heating or cooling. The beds are all single or bunked singles. The benefit of having exclusive access to our 1100-acre property with a limited number of guests (only 15 families) is the best part of being here.

Premium Cabins $1800/wk, $1650/wknd

These cabins all have a covered porch, the largest space, and the newest interior. Price includes occupancy for 5 guests with additional family members for $200 each, up to a limit of 7. Price is for the full week and includes 9 meals. Price for the weekend includes 7 meals.

These cabins include:

  • Overlook – Newest cabin built-in 2019! Fresh wood and large bathrooms. This cabin is bound to be sold out first. A good-sized porch. Easy access from the main road in camp.
  • Sprucepine – Sitting underneath large trees, Sprucepine’s porch overlooks the lake. An easy walk to our fishing dock for a few morning casts.
  • Lookout – A very spacious cabin with high walls helping light the cabin. Located near our front Parking Lot on Senior Hill yet just the right distance away from main camp for a quieter stay.

Select Cabins $1500/wk, $1250/wknd

These cabins have some newer updates and additional space. Price includes occupancy for 4 with additional occupancy for $200 each, up to a limit of 6. Price is for the full week and includes 9 meals. Price for the weekend includes 7 meals.

These cabins include:

  • Flattop – Located adjacent to the Dining Hall, Tennis Courts, and Gym.
  • Chalet – A large porch overlooks the tennis courts and has side views of the lake. Dark wood covers the interior walls for an upper-class cabin feel.
  • Windswept – Great views of the sunset and a larger section of the lake from the front covered porch. Plenty of cabin space. Built-in shelves add room to unpack easily.
  • Outpost – Nestled underneath trees, this cabin has a porch overlooking the lake and nightly sunsets.

Standard Cabins $1400/wk, $1150/wknd

Price includes occupancy for 4 with additional occupancy for $200 each up to a limit of 6. Price is for the full week and includes 9 meals. Price for the weekend includes 7 meals.

These cabins include:

  • Hillside – Situated in the center of camp near the dining hall and lake. Hillside has a quaint porch and is a quick trip to the lake. Car parking nearby and you can even pick up the dining hall Wifi pretty well right from the cabin.
  • Halfway – Located halfway up senior hill. A quiet cabin with a personal parking spot adjacent to the cabin. Halfway II has the space of our larger cabins with plenty of room to spread out.
  • Lakeside – Situated in between the lake and the dining hall. Located conveniently in the center of camp. Great views and easy access.
  • Foxhollow – Situated in the center of camp on the lake with views of the tennis courts. Nicely shaded for cooler temperatures during the day.
  • Pinnacle – At the top of our senior hill. A quiet cabin on the outskirts of main camp. Step outside of your cabin to a private “front yard” area. A quaint grassy noll surrounded by woods. It’s a quick trip to some of our popular camp hiking trails.

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