Safety & Covid-19

We will follow all North Carolina and Transylvania County health regulations while you are here. Please continue reading to see how we will be keeping our camp families and staff safe and healthy during our Father-Son Weekends.

Pre-Weekend Expectations

  • All attendees are asked to perform symptom and temperature checks for 14 days prior to arriving at camp; if any member of the reservation party experiences COVID-19 indicating symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 the reservation may be canceled or postponed at no cost.
  • We ask that you participate in low risk activities starting 14 days prior to arriving at camp. Please use good social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing.
  • All family members agree to report any COVID-19 indicating symptoms should they present within 14 days following departure.

Arrival Details

  • A health screening including temperature checks will be performed on your family as you arrive at camp.  We will not admit any family who displays COVID-19 indicating symptoms.
  • We will collect your health monitoring form upon arrival.
  • Arrival is between 3:00 and 6:00pm. We will check you in at our front lot. We ask that all attendees wear a mask at check-in!


  • Meals provided will be served by High Rocks staff. There will be many options for dinning including social distant indoor, outdoor, and take-out options. 
  • New plates and flatware will be used when returning for seconds.
  • When in the dinning hall, masks are required until you are seated.
  • After concluding your meal, we ask each family to wash their hands.
  • The Dining Hall will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. With particular attention to high touch areas, door handles, and the small common area for work.


  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, cabin mate requests for Father/Son weekends are a bit different this year. Each father/son family unit will be staying in a cabin by themselves, with the exception of families who have requested to be in the same cabin ahead of the weekend.
  • All cabins and lodging will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and between Father-Son Weekends.
  • Families will be allowed only into their assigned cabins. If there is a maintenance need, we will let you know before entering while wearing proper PPE. If there is a medical emergency, we will enter your cabin with proper PPE.

Activity Areas

  • As these areas will draw larger groups of people, we ask that you properly social distance. There might be a longer wait time for certain areas. We are creating a schedule rotation.
  • In certain areas, we will have markers directing people to waiting spots marked by tape, flags, cones, etc. to avoid clusters.
  • Equipment, like basketballs, ping pong paddles, and golf discs will have cleaning supplies stationed nearby for participants to disinfect at their comfort level between uses.
  • Activities areas will be adjusted to promote social-distancing, masks will be required at certain times, and we ask that you stay with your cabin (family) group. 

General Cleaning & Staff Protocols

  • All High Rocks staff will be screened daily; should any indicate possible symptoms of Covid-19 they will be quarantined and tested per state and local regulations.
  • High Rocks staff will routinely clean common areas following CDC protocols. 

Social Distancing & Masks

  • Proper social distancing between families should be followed at all times.
  • Per the North Carolina Executive Order. No 147, when social distancing is not possible indoors or outdoors, masks must be worn. Exceptions are made for medical or behavioral health issues, disabilities, and young children.
  • At Camp High Rocks, we ask that children over the age of two wear a mask at check-in, in the dining hall, inside any buildings other than your own cabin, and when you can not be socially distant.

All North Carolina and Transylvania County regulations applicable at the time of families’ stay will be followed. Please note these may change with little advance notice – either further easing or tightening – and in order to continue to operate we will have no choice but to change our protocol accordingly. 

We want to be as open and transparent with you, our Father-Son Weekend guests, as possible. We cannot guarantee a 100% COVID-19 free environment at Camp High Rocks, nor can any business or organization.

We have been working tirelessly on creating the safest environment possible for your family and our staff members in accordance with mandates and guidelines set forth by the CDC, American Camp Association, and our local health departments.

Our response plan includes current guidelines being taken to safely operate and plans to any potential situations regarding COVID-19 or other communicable diseases.

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