Horseback Riding Instructor

Instructors must be experienced in forward seat riding. Our program emphasizes individual skill development and de-emphasizes competitive aspects of riding.

Responsibilities: Instruct riding to campers 7 to 16 years of age. Beginning instruction starts in one of our three rings and progresses to cross country, low jumping, and trail riding on our 1,000 acre facility. Male staff also serve as cabin counselors for groups of 5-7 boys. Female staff would not serve as cabin counselors but have other responsibilities.

Qualifications: At least 19 years of age or rising college sophomore with a strong interest in teaching children. Experience teaching riding and caring for horses preferred.

Benefits: Starting range of $325-400 per week for the nine week season, depending on experience and qualifications. Includes room, board, and free laundry facilities; staff lounge and wireless internet available; extensive professional discounts; an incredible location with over 1000 acres of wilderness; adjacent to Dupont State Forest, and a 15 minute drive to Pisgah National Forest.

Dates:  May 30 – August 10, 2024

Application Procedure:

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