Our basic philosophy…

Camp High Rocks was founded on four key principles:

  • concern for the individual’s unique growth and needs
  • creation of an environment that de-emphasizes competition
  • development of an atmosphere encouraging personal confidence, self-esteem, and a willingness to try something new
  • encouragement of a deeper awareness of those that share our environment (both nature and people.)

Summer camp staff pursue these principles through all interactions with campers. At High Rocks, we feel that camp offers an opportunity to continue a child’s education in an environment focused on personal growth. In each activity, we would like our campers to experience a progression of skill and knowledge. We believe that skill progression develops the physical agility and mental acumen that will last long beyond the mere 2, 3 or 4 weeks of a session. The mastering of these skills contributes to enjoyment and competence, as well as develops self-esteem and confidence. In addition, we believe it is important for campers also to see the rationale behind our methods of instruction. Our goal is to help the individual child gain skills and perspectives which will give insight into the bigger issues in life. What a camper learns at camp can help him acquire more important skills outside of camp: self-discipline, self-direction, and shared responsibility.

Supporting this focus on the individual, we attempt to de-emphasize competition between people. Successfully mastering a skill does not bring a ribbon or “point,” but rather a chance to learn more, to improve that skill, and to enjoy an experience which utilizes even greater expertise. Our efforts are to create an atmosphere which lets a child know that improvement and success are up to him, and will come as a result of his own efforts, not from having beaten someone else. One might view that the main person for a camper to challenge is who he was the previous day.

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